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How to check whether a product is genuine or not?

In this tutorial we discuss How to check whether a product is genuine or not?. Originally this article published at by Vishal Anand.

This is a dilemma most companies worry about. Counterfeiting is now a major problem faced by companies and brands world over. Revenue and profit losses caused by counterfeiting ranks highest among all reasons. While various methods are available to stem counterfeiting, none have been able to really able to stem counterfeiting.

There are many ways to avoid purchasing fake products.

  • If you are purchasing online then research the seller.
  • Always check customer reviews.
  • If you are purchasing offline then check the product on the Internet.
  • Products can also be easily identified through wrong spelling (an extra or a missing letter) or grammatical errors.
  • Flawed fonts, logos.
  • No contact details of the manufacturer.

But finding these details on a packaged product may sometimes be as tough as finding a needle in the haystack. But using a magnet may save you the trouble, and the time. And that is exactly what Uniqolabel is all about, saving your time, your money and your efforts.

Uniqolabel is a World’s Best Anti-Counterfeit, a Multi-Layered Patented company. They provide a new age modern solution that ties in the newest technological advancements in a simple way providing an effective way to counter counterfeiting. Uniqolabel is a multi-layered patented technology that provides true protection against counterfeiting.

Some of the products of Uniqolabel.

  • Authenticity Verification
  • Blockchain
  • Track & Trace
  • Warranty Management
  • Loyalty Management

How it works?

  • It provides an unique, non-clonable identity for all the products on a non-tamper, holographic label.
  • Immediate counterfeit identification and reporting.
  • The company’s mobile application provides the quickest and easiest method of verifying product authenticity.
  • The company uses machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, infrastructure and cryptography making them one of the most advanced systems.
  • They provide a real-time system so any counterfeiter identified can be tracked and reported instantly.

Originally this article published at by Vishal Anand.

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