How To Know If You’re Ready For A Career Change

There are many reasons why people start having doubts about their career. Sometimes they take years to make a decision. But staying in a career that isn’t for you will only bring negative consequences to your life and could even cause health issues in the long run. If you are undecided, here is how to know if you are ready for the transition.

Body Burnout

One of the first signs that your job isn’t for you is body burnout. When you don’t feel enough motivation for what you do, you probably feel it in the mornings. You have a hard time getting up and finding a reason to go to work every day. With time, it can get worse. It can be more difficult to find motivation when you have to commute, like if you live outside of Houston but work downtown.

You start feeling tired after work too, and you stop doing things like hobbies or other activities. It can get to the point where you feel body burnout. You are tired all the time, don’t find the desire to do anything, start having problems sleeping, begin to feel anxiety, and get sick more often. Basically, your body will start reflecting on your mental state.

Weekly Existential Crisis

Being in a career that isn’t for you can bring a state of emotional turmoil. Besides feeling unmotivated every morning, you can start having mood swings, stress, and even depression. Also, you may start overthinking everything about your life. Thinking about the same things over and over again can be exhausting.

For some people, it can be worse. They may suffer from panic attacks or anxiety. If you start asking yourself the following questions, you are probably undergoing an existential crisis:

  • Why do I keep doing something I hate?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Am I really happy?
  • Am I doing what I really want with my life?
  • Will I wake up 20 years from now and be happy with what I’ve done?

All these are questions that you start asking yourself when you are not happy with your life and need a change.

You’re Only There for the Money

If you are putting up with a career you hate just because of the money, then you are probably ready for a change. Money is important, but it is not the key to happiness or fulfillment. You may disagree with that, but if you spend years accumulating wealth, at one point you’d probably realize that is never enough.

A good salary won’t take away the overthinking, the bad moods, and the negative feelings of hating what you do. Maybe you can afford to pay for awesome vacations, but you’ll still come back to the office after a few weeks and be miserable.

It is better to choose a path that both makes you happy and pays decently. An excellent option, if you think it will be a good fit, is to choose a tech career. You could become a full stack developer or data scientist. Those are flexible careers that adapt to different lifestyles and have high salaries.

You Don’t Want Your Boss’s Position

People generally want to climb up the professional ladder and reach managerial positions. If you look at your boss’s job and think that is the last thing you want to do in the future, this is a clear sign that you’re ready for a career change.

Normally, when you plan your career, you start looking for job prospects and how you will grow in them. However, If all of them make you feel downbeat, then it is not a future you really want. Maybe you’ve avoided thinking about it to get through the next week at work. But suddenly, you find a year has passed, and you still hate your career. Stop buying time and make a decision.

When People Ask What You Do…

If every time you get asked “What do you do for a living?” you give a short answer and quickly change the subject, this probably means your career isn’t for you. You probably feel like your current career doesn’t represent who you are, and you don’t want to be identified as belonging to that group. If you like what your career represents, you feel proud and want to talk about it non-stop.

Another sign is that you start complaining every time someone asks you about work. You do it so frequently that you start to bore even yourself. Both of these are clear signs that you are ready to change careers.

You Want a Different Lifestyle

Another sign you may be ready to change careers is that you want a different lifestyle. Maybe you do like your job and everything about it, but it is too stressful, too many hours, or it doesn’t allow you the right work-life balance. You may want to have a more flexible career that allows you to travel or work from home whenever you want.

It really depends on the things you want in life. For example, you could become a front end developer and work as a freelancer. You’ll have the opportunity to make your own schedule and spend more time with family and friends.

In Summary

If you read this article, then chances are that you are ready for a career change. But if you are still unsure, you can check for the signs in this article. If you are feeling body burnout, undergo an existential crisis every week, or crave a different lifestyle, you probably need a career change.

Other signs are that you are only motivated by money, you hate when people ask you about what you do, and you feel depressed when thinking about having your boss’s job someday.

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