Hi, I am Harshvardhan Mishra, a tech blogger. I created two platform and

IoTbyHVM.OOO is an attempt to help the people by sharing the knowledge and ideas about Internet of things and other technology related articles and videos. IoTbyHVM.OOO provides articles related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, use of all general purpose sensors, circuits, home automation, drones, smart TV, voice control TV , Micro Controller etc. for DIY (Do it Yourself) purpose. If you want to help support me on my journey, consider sharing my articles or contribute.

My articles have been referenced in many research papers and books. I am presenting some links below.

  • Book : Analysis and Design of Next-Generation Software Architectures by Arthur M. Langer

Logical Design of IoT | IoT Communication Models & APIs. Page 148

  •  Conference PaperLow Cost IoT System for Solar Panel Power Monitoring

Abstract -In this work, we will present a low-cost system to monitor energy production from a solar panel. Based on simple devices, this solution made it possible to measure the current, voltage, power, and visualize them through an available and free IoT application called Node-Red. The project can be qualified having plenty of essential purposes : to be used in education field, research and even production monitoring in a photovoltaic system.


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