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The domain name OOO (Triple O – Alphabet O) is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. It was launched and is operated by Infibeam. .OOO is the global domain extension which is recently launched out in the market. It is one of the top domain extensions which are Google and SEO friendly. It is soon going to rule the domain extension market due to its excellent features.

Why Choose .OOO


.OOO is a new GTLD, a generic top-level domain. Like other domain name extensions, .OOO is SEO-friendly and it is recognised by all search engines.

Having a exact keyword in the domain name itself, it boosts the search engine optimization, and the ranking becomes very easy compared to others. For example : If you’re trying to rank a keyword “iphone 6 launch” on Google, and if you have a domain as iphone6launch.OOO , Google will love to rank your website on Google.
If you have a .country based domain then ranking would be very difficult compared to a .OOO domain. This is one of the biggest advantage with a .OOO domain.


.OOO is Keypad-friendly. It’s mobile keypad-friendly too. It’s easy to type one key three times then three different keys on any keyboard.


.OOO is global; no boundaries, no country restrictions, no documents required. It is not restricted to any profession or business, it’s for everyone.

There are basically two domains.

a. Global Domains : Domains which are not limited to any specific country, they’re known as global domains. Example : .OOO, .COM, .ORG, .NET etc

b. Region based : Domains which have a specific region associated in extension. For example .in,, .us etc

.OOO is a global domain and hence its not limited to any specific region. Having the domain for an American and ranking would be as easy as for an Indian user. The visitors visiting the .OOO domain website would not be limited by any region.

Being a global domain, ranking the website would be easier for any user from any country. It won’t be limited for any country. This is one of the biggest advantage as well with .OOO domains.

Less Competition

The domain extensions like .com, .org, .net have been into market from ages and so most of the exact keywords are all occupied. If you want to book a desired domain which you want, its very difficult due to the heavy competition out there.

These three reasons make the .OOO domains highly preferable for the market out there. Any internet user would love to have such domains names which would automatically help in SEO and would be able to attract a heavy traffic on the website.

The need of external SEO reduces when you have the keyword in the domain name itself. Hence this is the major reason which makes OOO domains highly loved by the internet world.


If you are thinking about to buy .OOO domain..!! Then go for it. Honestly, .OOO is the best domain extension I ever see. Also .OOO is Top Level Domain. If you are begginer then .OOO is make your ranking simple. Because with .COM you never can rank fast as you think.

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