How to Pretty Print a JSON String – Intro to JSON

Do you know the whole world is converting to JSON? Wait, for a second, are you new to this? Let us explain! Generally, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a text construction used to gather and transfer data with servers that must be in plain text. JSON is a text which makes the data human-readable, it’s composed in JavaScript notation, and users can convert any JSON collected from the server into JavaScript format. It is the safest way to go with the data without any complexities of translations.

JSON tree viewer or JSON beautifier is an online tool that users can use to make their work look pretty – you can also call it pretty JSON. As a result, you don’t see it as hard to read. Yet, the primary objective is to save time and effort from searching for a part to modify in a particular code. JSON pretty print unlocks all the doors of trouble by making your JSON code understandable.

Here we have got you covered by mentioning some basics about JSON. So, take a look!

JSON: Facts and Basics

The fact why we all are converting to JSON is that – it is not wordy and not hard to access. A person who works with JSON can quickly grab the objects present in it. People call it complex, but it is not as tough as it seems. As XML does not carry all objects and ending tags, it creates files whose construction is difficult to read. The JSON first takes time to compose, but it’s beneficial because of its plainness in multiple ways. JSON pretty print can make the messed-up entire code look good. Besides, it solves several other queries by telling you about them.

  • Pretty JSON Data Types – A New Way to Look Better!

The JSON language is pretty lengthy and time-consuming, as data is surrounded by bars, brackets, keys, and their values are divided by a colon. Also, arrays get inserted in square braces, and users can stuff more objects inside objects. That is because we all have to make a pretty print of JSON. You have to know, JSON data types and parts require a deep focus. One minor error, such as dropping a comma – can take minutes to find. The pretty JSON online can hunt the mistake for you and fix it without going into all the trouble.

Generally, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has six data types. These types include Character, String, Boolean, Array, Object, and null. The string used to store the data without an object cannot collect or recover data from a JSON file. All the data may get used in objects, and users can combine more details with them. To reach the values of objects, users will require a bracket or a dot notation.

  • Pretty Print a JSON String: How to do that?

Since flower brackets enclose an object, it is simple to understand which portion is what. Always an object comes in the sort of value pairs where the code is a string. And its values are correct data types of JSON. For newbies, it is not hard to know about the differences and the way of working. Beautify JSON Online Tool enhances JSON beauty online. Also, it provides you with a place to work on your file.

Pretty JSON print online can quickly make all the code of JSON look in a stable structure. As JSON does not support commenting it is laborious to explore which part of the code holds what you want to see. JSON beautifiers appear with fantastic features such as JSON Minifier. In this way, you can make a tiny version of your data. Plus, the ‘beautify JSON online tool’ beautifies the data and lets you write it in the desired form that you want.

Top-Best JSON Beautifier Tools Online -2021

So, you got the essential points. It is time to know about the platforms that could offer you the facilities to pretty-print a JSON string. Below we have collected a list of top-notch tools that will help you out!

1. SmallSEOTools

Here comes one of the most excellent websites selected best for beautifying the JavaScript pretty print JSON. Besides, making your JSON code look neat and attractive. SmallSEOTools is an old website serving billions of digital marketers. This JSON beautify tool can help you modify your file because it can assist locate any bugs that need fixes. The system will notify you about the error with the amount of the line.

To utilize this online utility service, follow the following easy steps:

  • Access SmallSeotTools JSON beautifier tool’s main page, drop your JSON in the given large box.
  • Once you enter the data and made modifications, you have to press the PROCESS button
  • Once you do so, the results will be in the front of your screen that you can copy-paste or directly download.


It is another tool for making a pretty JSON print in one go. It has a clean and safe user interface that could deliver the work in seconds. It offers the best handy features making sure that your data does not get shared by any third party. This tool works similarly to the Pretty JSON Tool we discussed above.

So, this is how you can make your JSON look tidy and understandable without any hassles!

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