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ThingSpeak IoT Platform

ThingSpeak™ is an IoT analytics platform service that allows you to aggregate, visualize and analyze live data streams in the cloud. ThingSpeak provides instant visualizations of data posted by your devices to ThingSpeak. With the ability to execute MATLAB® code in ThingSpeak you can perform online analysis and processing of the data as it comes in. ThingSpeak is often used for prototyping and proof of concept IoT systems that require analytics.

Internet of Things (IoT) describes an emerging trend where a large number of embedded devices (things) are connected to the Internet. These connected devices communicate with people and other things and often provide sensor data to cloud storage and cloud computing resources where the data is processed and analyzed to gain important insights. Cheap cloud computing power and increased device connectivity is enabling this trend.

Key Features

ThingSpeak allows you to aggregate, visualize and analyze live data streams in the cloud. Some of the key capabilities of ThingSpeak include the ability to:

  • Easily configure devices to send data to ThingSpeak using popular IoT protocols.
  • Visualize your sensor data in real-time.
  • Aggregate data on-demand from third-party sources.
  • Use the power of MATLAB to make sense of your IoT data.
  • Run your IoT analytics automatically based on schedules or events.
  • Prototype and build IoT systems without setting up servers or developing web software.
  • Automatically act on your data and communicate using third-party services like Twilio® or Twitter®.

How to use ThingSpeak

MATLAB® and Simulink® products support IoT systems by helping you to build predictive algorithms and models, develop and test smart devices, and deploy analytics in the cloud. For more information, click on the links below:

ThingSpeak Library for Arduino

The ThingSpeak team has released an updated version of the ThingSpeak Communication Library for Arduino, ESP8266, and ESP32 devices. The ThingSpeak library is the easiest way to get Arduino devices connected to ThingSpeak IoT services. The library now features a way to separate secret credentials from your main source code. This helps when you want to share your code but don’t want to share your WiFi credentials and ThingSpeak keys.


The Arduino IDE needs to have the ThingSpeak library installed in order for your devices to know how to send data to ThingSpeak. In the Arduino IDE, choose Sketch, Include Library, and Manage Libraries. Search for “thingspeak” and click Install.

Device Support

The ThingSpeak Communication Library supports many devices. Using the library makes the experience the same for each board type. When you learn one way to work with ThingSpeak, you will be to work with other devices in the same way.

  • Arduino or compatible using a WiFi Shield
  • Arduino or compatible using a WiFi Shield 101
  • Arduino or compatible using an Ethernet Shield
  • Arduino or compatible using a MKR ETH Shield
  • Arduino MKR1000 (use the WiFi101 library version 0.13.0 or older. WiFi101 library versions 0.14.0 and newer have a bug that stops this ThingSpeak library from working properly)
  • Arduino MKR1010
  • Arduino VIDOR 4000
  • Arduino GSM 14000
  • Arduino Yún (Rev1 and Rev2)
  • ESP8266 (tested with SparkFun ESP8266 Thing – Dev Board and NodeMCU 1.0 module)
  • ESP32 (tested with SparkFun ESP32 Thing)


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