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7 Brandfolder Alternatives That Are Worth Considering for Document Digitization

You might have heard the name Brandfolder, which is a document management/document digitization platform. It is a diverse tool for managing digital assets. But it is designed for a specific audience. Not everyone can get what they want by using Brandfolder only.

So, in this post, we will share some alternatives that you can use instead of or alongside the Brandfolder. These will be of different natures, but most of them will be related to document digitization. It is the process by which you convert physical files into digital ones.

By the end of this article, you will have a list of tools to choose from when handling documents of different types. So, if you want to increase the efficiency of your document management, then this post is for you.

Tools List

In the following, we will share 7 of the best alternatives of Brandfolder. We hope this list helps you up your document-handling game.

1. Bynder


is an AI-powered tool platform that you can use to automate different types of things. The main tool of this platform that we will discuss here is the document digitization tool. This tool can single-handedly digitize your whole database using the latest technology.

Other than that, it has additional uses too. You can use AI to enhance your documents or improve their overall quality. In other words, you can’t just digitize existing documents but create new ones as well.


  • Creative Workflow for smooth functioning.
  • Management of both images and video content.
  • Beginner-friendly design.
  • Great accessibility features

2. Image to Text

Image to TextImage to Text

is another document digitization platform that uses OCR technology. It is not just an alternative but a better alternative to Brandfolder when it comes to digitalizing your documents. This tool can convert the images of your physical documents into computerized documents.

This means that you enter the images of the hard copied of your documents and, as a result, get a piece of text. This text contains all the information that is present in the hard copy. Now, if you save this text in the form of a Word document or any other digital form, the process of digitalization completes successfully.


  • Instant digitization of documents.
  • Understandable even for new and first-time users.
  • High accuracy for extracting documents.
  • Can handle multiple files at once.

3. Canto


Canto is a digital asset management platform. Instead of actually converting document type, this platform helps you manage the converted documents. In other words, the main role of this tool comes into play once the digitization is complete.

You can use AI to perform multiple document management tasks. Similarly, you can distribute your digital content with ease. You face no problem when it comes to collaborating with your peers and discussing different professional decisions. So, you can say that Canto streamlines your digital workflow.


  • Great search for quick access.
  • Swift uploading and downloading of files.
  • Allows users to edit uploaded content.
  • Segregation of content according to types.

4. OCR Best

OCR BestOCR Best

is a tool that is similar in nature to Image to Text. As evident from the name of the tool, it uses OCR technology as well. It recognizes text characters present in your documents and then extracts the digital text version of those characters.

It is quite useful because it has other tool integrations. These include Google Drive and Dropbox. So, if you have your data stored on such cloud storage, then you should use OCR Best. It is an accessible solution to digitizing documents.


  • Digitization of files from other platforms.
  • Detects numbers and other special characters for text extraction as well.
  • Works for low quality images of documents too.
  • Easy to handle and work with.

5. File Camp

File Camp

Just like a few of the other tools mentioned in this article, File Camp is also a post-digitization document manager. Using File Camp, you can save all your documents in one place, no matter what their format is. The advantage of this is that file searchability increases considerably.

You can also create new digital assets using this platform. It has great tools for that. This platform is especially useful for the management of websites or businesses that deal with a lot of images or visuals. File Camp can be of great assistance to these types of businesses.


  • Specified access options (only people who are granted access can see the files).
  • Option to invite third parties to review and provide insights on your data.
  • Optimization options for downloading.
  • Customization features available.

6. Photo Shelter

Photo Shelter

As the name of the tool suggests, Photo Shelter is a tool where you can store any type of image and access it in the future. This tool has excellent speed when it comes to searching for the stored data. So, if you want to access your documents in an instant when needed, then Photo Shelter is a great option.

The AI aspect of this tool is another thing to know about. This platform’s AI has taken document digitization to another level. It doesn’t only digitize but also analyzes your image. For example, if your image contains a reference image, then this tool can calculate its dimensions and the elements in that image. In this way, you get much more than just the conversion of images into words.


  • Personalized digital asset management.
  • Great AI integrations.
  • Template-based customization of digital documents.

7. Acquia



Acquia is a platform that fulfills one of the main goals of document digitization, and that is smooth-running work. Acquia has different tools or solutions that make this possible. For example, the collaborative tool allows the users to communicate with their colleagues effectively.

In the same way, there are many other techniques that this tool applies in order to make the functioning of groups streamlined. Acquia can handle any type of content or file that is used in official processes.


  • SEO-specific features
  • Bulk content management.
  • Digital data analytics for insights on documents.
  • APIs for improved accessibility.

Comparison Table

Before we end the interview, we will show you a short comparison of features to help you find the best fit for yourself.

Ease of Access User Friendliness Speed Digitization Ability Management
Bynder Medium Average Fast Good Excellent
Image to Text High Excellent Instant Great Poor
Canto Medium Above Average Fast Medium Good
OCR Best High Above Average Medium Excellent Poor
File Camp High Average Slow Good Good
Photo Shelter Low Low Fast Great Excellent
Acquia Medium Excellent Fast Poor Excellent

If you had any confusion, then we hope this table helped.


To conclude this discussion, we would like to suggest once again that you don’t restrict yourself to Brandfolder. It is a nice platform, but it isn’t enough. There are many other useful utilities present whose potential is going to waste just because people don’t want to try new things.

So, we strongly urge you to stop using the same old tools and technologies and upgrade yourself. There is no gain for us in spreading this. Instead, you are the one who will benefit from this. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose any one of the above-given tools and instantly become more efficient.

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