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5 Korean Skincare Essentials

Have you ever had a Korean drama or Korean pop phase? If so, then you may be no stranger to why Koreans have good skin! It might have some part with blessed genetics, but they have such good skin because they take their skincare routine seriously.

This special routine has ten (10) steps in it. Moreover, it is more than a routine. Rather, it is a lifestyle everyone wants to follow, and for a good reason: their 10-step Korean skincare can be adapted to any skin type, addresses specific skin concerns, and offers amazing results.

If you ask the questions, though, feel free to ask away!

Facial Wash

A good cleansing routine will be indispensable if you want healthy skin. By cleansing two (2) times a day, you remove makeup and rid the skin of excess oil and environmental waste gathered on your skin throughout the day. Your dermatologist, on the other hand, might recommend a water-only cleanse in the morning if your skin is sensitive and dry type. Furthermore, by heeding this advice, the natural oils balance and prevent damage to the skin’s barrier, as they play an important role in keeping dehydration at bay.

The next step would be a thorough cleanse before the day ends.


Toning is an affair for the morning and evening! If you have oily and combination skin, add a toner to your Korean skincare routine, as it refines your skin after cleansing, reduces the size of your pores, and strengthens your skin’s capacity to absorb other skincare products.

However, if you have dry skin or experienced discomfort due to skin sensitivity, you should refrain from using a toner with high alcohol content. One reason is that it can strip your skin of moisture and irritate it. Instead of an alcohol-based toner, you should go for a hydrating toner so that your skin can reap the benefits of tightened pores and allow better product penetration without risking skin dehydration.


Moisture helps give suppleness to the upper layers of your skin. It would help if you also used it day and night to protect your skin against dryness due to the extra hydration it provides. Humectants like lactic acid attract water molecules, similarly to a magnet and steel. If you have drier skin, emollient-rich products like shea butter can trap water into your skin and help manage your dry skin issues.


A serum is part of the Korean skincare steps. It is also a skincare product applied after cleansing but before your moisturizer. The goal of the serum is to deliver powerful ingredients directly to your skin. Moreover, the serum suits the task because of how compact it is, comprised of smaller molecules, which penetrate deeply into your skin and can give you a very high concentration of active ingredients. As a result, they are great for targeting skin care concerns like dryness and wrinkles. Goodbye to aging – and goodbye to dryness!

Your serum can and cannot act as a moisturizer because it contains moisturizing ingredients to help the skin moisturize. However, having them does not necessarily mean they fit in the traditional and conventional definitions of what a moisturizer should be. In contrast, face creams and lotions produce a barrier on top of the skin to seal and keep all the skincare goodness in. They are also quite richer in formula.

BB Cream

A Korean staple would be BB cream. Compared to traditional, full-coverage foundations, they are lighter on the skin and make for good bases. They work overtime, thus placing multiple benefits into one product. Due to its lightweight nature, Korean BB creams are great for lightweight coverage! Furthermore, they are great for natural “no makeup” looks while getting enough coverage to even out the skin tone and cover small blemishes.

The BB in BB cream stands for beauty balm and blemish balm. They act as an

BB creams are perfect for those who want a natural “no makeup” look while still getting enough coverage to even skin tone and cover small blemishes. They also work as an all-in-one moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, and light-coverage foundation.

Despite their popularity in Korea’s makeup and skincare market, the origins of the BB cream lie with Germany. It was a medical treatment for those who had sensitive skin. They found their way in South Korea, becoming popular after Korean brands improved them.

The popularity of BB creams has spread not only to South Korea, but also the whole world! Now, if you look at a makeup counter or two, it is hard to avoid them!

Wrapping Up

Ideally, the Korean beauty and skincare essentials cover many more staples, like cushion foundations. However, these are the most important ones that you should check out. Regardless of sex and gender, giving your skin much-needed TLC is still crucial. It’s also a testament to how you love yourself, too!

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