Your Seiko Watch Style Guide: 4 Ways

Your Seiko Watch Style Guide

Seiko has been in the watch industry for a long time. With their many models, it is no surprise that they cater to many different audiences. Because of this, people can choose their own style. For products like watches, finding the right one will be tricky as you go through many different models and designs.

Fortunately, Seiko has styles catered to specific tastes. It can be minimal or maximalist, depending on one’s preferences. Some watches also work best on specific occasions, making the timepiece a worthy accessory to wear. If you are still unsure of what style to choose, there are four ways you could consider.

Seiko Presage

The Seiko Presage collection features traditional Japanese craftsmanship and concepts. Because of their elegance, they fall into dress watches. Design ranges can start from elegant to retro to classic. If you need a higher-quality timepiece, Seiko Presage also has higher-end or limited-edition watches.

Most Seiko Presage watches have stainless steel casings with automatic movement. Changing the straps from stainless steel to nylon or leather is also possible, depending on your preferences. As a dress watch, these timepieces are best for business meetings, special occasions, or having the time of your life.

Seiko Astron

The Seiko Astron pushed the boundaries of watchmaking by introducing the signature quartz movement. Because of its technology, many watch brands took note of their invention, becoming a common sight in watches. The unique aspect of the Seiko Astron is having a solar-powered watch. Some models even include near-perfect accuracy in timing.

Since it introduced the quartz movement, you might notice that the watch’s dial includes a main and sub-dial. It could include dual time and world time functions, making the time more accurate. If timing is essential, the Seiko Astron might be your best bet.

King Seiko

King Seiko was Seiko’s first foray into luxury watches. However, by the time Grand Seiko came along, King Seiko became its own collection. This doesn’t mean that their watches are out of style. Collectors love King Seiko since it has polished dials and excellent bracelets to choose from.

The collection grew in popularity, and there are now higher-end movements and larger diameters. The biggest one you can get is up to 39mm for a dial. Either way, King Seiko still has its place in Seiko’s expansive collection.

Seiko Premier

Seiko Premier is another variant of dress watches. It combines classic and modern designs to create an elegant look. These timepieces also include Seiko’s signature watch movement technology, making it a good choice for first-time wearers.

If watch movement is your concern, Seiko Premier has automatic, kinetic, or solar movement. This excites watch collectors who want to have one of each. It can add a polished look to your everyday attire.

Wrapping Up

Seiko watch styles have extensive choices for any wearer. It can be as simple as a Seiko Presage or as luxurious as a King Seiko. These timeless watches have stood the test of time, and they continue to push the boundaries of what a watch is. Once you have a watch to wear, it can make your overall look better in everyday life.


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