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iBoysoft Data Recovery Makes Mac Data Recovery Simple and Fast


We have stepped into the digital era where data is very important for both businesses and individuals. When we talk about data, we mean revenue and the growth of the business.

Today most businesses are data-oriented, and hence they need data at every step of their business operation. Seeing how the data is an important aspect of any business, businesses have data security and data recovery plans to secure their data.

This data recovery plan comes in handy when your system fails to boot up, including the situation that your Mac shows a circle with a line through it at start up. And your system prohibits you from taking further action. How to recover data from an unbootable Mac? iBoysoft data recovery software can shed a light on this issue.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft data recovery tool is one of the best Mac data recovery tools in the market for Mac users. It is designed with an advanced algorithm to ensure that data can be retrieved from any data loss scenarios. The best part of this software is that it comes with a higher recovery rate compared with other data recovery software. Hence, it makes it easy for the users to recover data efficiently.

In addition to that, it not only supports the external hard drives but also has the capability of recovering data from internal hard drives, including the latest M1 Macs.

Features of iBoysoft Data Recovery Tool

iBoysoft data recovery is a comprehensive data recovery tool trusted by millions of customers. Here are a few features that make it more reliable than its peers.

1. Support Mainstream Storage Devices

With iBoysoft data recovery software supported, you are not limited to only one type of drive. Instead, you are free to scan and recover data from both external and internal drives.

2. Support Multiple File Types

Some data recovery tools are limited with the types of data they can recover. For instance, some can only restore the music files, while some can restore the PDF files. However, iBoysoft offers one-stop tool for all file solutions. No matter what type of file you have deleted or lost, whether music, PDFs, JPEG, or videos, you can recover them all.

3. Works with Different Data Loss Scenarios

There are countless ways to lose your data. Accidental deletion, corruption, and damage are a few, to name some. No matter what the reason is, iBoysoft is up for the game.

4. Save Sessions & Load Sessions

Data Recovery is usually a time-consuming process, especially when you are recovering a large amount of data. Now, what if something has come up where you would want to pause the scan? Well, if it’s iBoysoft software, you have the freedom to do so. You can pause the scanning process and resume when you are free.

5. Filtering & Sorting Options

The cherry of the cake is its filtering features that allow users to filter out the relevant data they need to recover. You can sort the scanned results based on other file types, file size, dates, and names.

How to Recover Data from Unbootable Devices?

As your Mac won’t boot, here’s how to run iBoysoft Mac data recovery software.

  • Boot the Mac into macOS Recovery mode: The way to boot into Recovery mode varies from model to model. You can follow the onscreen instructions to enter macOS Recovery mode.
  • Connect with internet and launch Terminal: You can select an internet and connect your Mac with it. Then click Terminal from the drop-down menu.
  • Run Terminal: Type the following command in Terminal. Press Return to launch the software. You are required to enter the admin password.

sh <(curl

  • Recover: Now you can use the software as usual. Just select the Macintosh HD and recover data within.


You will be happy to know that iBoysoft data recovery software recovers 99% of your data. What impresses us the most is the high recovery rate and blazing fast scanning and recovering speed, unlike other data recovery tools. You can also enjoy free version which you can have 1G free data recovery.

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