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How to Generate small text?

Technology gained influence and has progressed since the start of the century and now every second person has the access to mobile phones and the internet that people use to communicate with each other. To be precise there is a separate virtual ecosystem where people meet each other and communicate in form of text, audio and video.

Well as the text has a significant impact on the readers, if you use it correctly in the right form will help you get more engagements, sales or clients. One of the best ways to make your text more appealing is the use of small text. In this article, we will shed some light on what is a small text, how to generate small text and how to use a small text generator.

Small Text 

You might have seen small text been used on social media platforms like in Instagram bio or in Tumbler post. Well, this text might appear in a small font but it is not. If it is a font, you cannot copy the text. The small text also known as tiny text is a set of Unicode characters. There are several uses of small text like it can be a great addition to social media profiles and posts, emails and text messages to make your text have an upper edge over other people’s traditional text.

How to Generate small text Using Generator?

Small text or tiny text is generated using online generators present in different websites. As compared with older times, converting text into tiny text was a headache and now you can simply visit one website and create your text to small text in a matter of seconds. Different websites have different tools that generate distinct results as you may commonly see the tool offering subscript, superscript, bold text, bubble text, backward text, upside-down text conversion.

Small text generator 

The name might make the tool look complex but it is not even a person using it for the first time can figure out how to use it. In case if you are still confused or just to answer questions that might arise here are some simple steps that you can follow to generate small text easily:

  1. Open one website that has the small text generator by
  2. You will see a column showing “Input” or other similar visuals
  3. There in the column, you can add text by typing or copy/paste the content you want to convert
  4. In most of the tools, the output or result will show up in the next column in no time.

You will see three different results: SuperScript, Sub Script and Small text. These are simple and easy steps and you don’t have to be a tech guru or have immense knowledge of the internet to understand this tool. Furthermore, all of the websites allow you to convert your text for free and also most of these sites also not require any sign-up or logins.

Common uses of small text

As the small text is a set of Unicode characters, you can copy and paste the text and use it anywhere you want as a replacement for your traditional text. Here are some common areas where you can use it:

  • Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • You can add the small text in your e-mails
  • In blogs or essays in word processors


Small text is gaining influence day by day. More and more people are now using small text generators to convert their text. These tools are free and allow unlimited conversions. However, it is a personal preference that you want to use small text or not but the advice is to try it once and know the difference it makes.

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