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Top IoT Apps for iPhone in 2021

IoT apps are powerful tools that are guiding the way towards a more connected future. There are many apps on the market which collate data, track products, and provide real-time analytics, all in the palm of your hand. If you’re new to these apps, or if you’re keeping an eye on the new contenders, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the top IoT apps available today.

The Kit

All you need to get started with the apps we’ll be talking about is an iPhone! Once your phone is hooked up to the IoT, the app will stream data from around the world directly into your phone. These apps have very real-world benefits which could change the way you do business, so it’s worth taking extra care of your phone, so take a look at some iPhone 12 Mini cases to keep yourself covered.


Blynk is a complete IoT software solution, which makes it a great place to start. It allows you to integrate all of your hardware via the cloud, and design apps to control them. The app feeds back analytical data and performance management information so you have total control over your IoT projects. As an added perk, you can design prototypes for free before paying for the full connectivity, so you can visualize your IoT projects before investing in them.


This is a more specialized system that allows manufacturers to have total control over their shop floor. The app features data visualization which will revolutionize your analytics to boost your productivity. You can even track your assets to allow for greater on-time delivery. With SensrTrx, you’ll have a live feed that displays your whole manufacturing journey so you can see any hold up on the way and streamline your production process accordingly.

Waste & Recycling One

This ISB Global Software highlights the versatility of IoT apps. This system allows users to track the entire waste management process, so you can see exactly where the waste has gone and track the progress of the recycled goods. It’s a niche interest, but it’s a great example of how IoT is changing the world.


Vialatm is a GPS fleet tracking service that allows you to use the basic functionality for free! It provides an easy-to-use GPS system so you know where every team member or product is at any given time. The analytical features mean you can track times, distances, and full journey reports from your phone. Vialatm keeps you constantly in the loop, which means you are free to upgrade your fleet safe in the knowledge that you can handle additional assets with ease.


Trendalyze tracks time series data to produce in-depth analysis on trends, anomalies, and monetization opportunities. It provides a user-friendly interface that compresses machine learning data to display precise and current reports to inform your decision making. Using this software to streamline your analytics means that the small, mounting errors across your KPIs become instantly visible, allowing you to rectify any mistakes instantly.

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