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4 Ways To Conquer Sunburns

It’s near the end of the summer season. But that doesn’t mean the sun will fade away too soon! Let’s talk about one aspect that we can get through tanning: sunburns. While tanning is great for your skin, overdoing can lead to unwanted sunburns. Don’t worry, though; this skin condition is treatable with the right amount of SPF!

Fortunately, SPF comes in many different variants. Sun exposure is essential for skin health. You should obtain the right amounts of Vitamin D. If you plan to treat sunburns, avoid focusing on the mirror and let the beauty products do the work for you.

Here’s how to conquer sunburns!


If you want to avoid sunburns, then sunscreen is going to be your best friend! Sunscreen is also your friend against other conditions, like hyperpigmentation. Sunscreen is the first thing to use for sunburns. And it’s no surprise after much sun exposure. If you go out often, a beginner’s sunscreen can start at 30SPF.

It is also best to apply sunscreen daily, and be under the shade for protection. Try the BB cream or similar products, as they protect you against sun exposure.

For more protection, you can add more SPF. However, be mindful of your sunscreen usage. There is a good reason why SPF follows strict application: each skin type reacts differently. Apply in pea-sized amounts, and let the formulation stick around.

Chemical Peels

The name itself might sound intense, but they are a great skin treatment. It exfoliates and reveals new skin following a sunburn. Its benefits can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and pigment issues.

Think of it as a day in the spa. A chemical peel is like relaxing your skin back to its original state. After the treatment, your skin cells will regenerate.

Apply Moisturizers

Our skin needs moisture and TLC, period! It’s best to apply moisturizers to seal in the skincare we’ve put on our face and give our face that much-needed hydration!. Think of your face, hands, arms, and body. However, if you have sensitive skin, then you need to use a fragrance-free moisturizer to protect your skin from irritation.

Another thing to remember is to check the ingredients of moisturizers before you commit to one, as ingredients can react differently to various skin types.

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration helps by a long shot. It isn’t just a secret; it’s a hack that helps your skin! Drinking water makes your skin look plump and moisturized. For the best results, drink 10 to 20 glasses a day. The more hydrated you are, the better your skin health will be.

Every time when you go out, carry a water bottle.

Wrapping Up

Conquering sunburns is a challenging task. Fortunately, with the right skincare ingredients and routine,  treating your skin can become a breeze!

Some lifestyle habits, like drinking water and applying sunscreen, can also help with sunburn. Remember to apply sunscreen daily as your first protection barrier! Don’t forget to drink your water, too – it keeps you hydrated and healthy, too!


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Deinah Storm works in the corporate industry, but she has quite a bit of knowledge about beauty, health, and skin care. On her free days, she finds solace in writing and educating more people about taking care of your beauty, skin, and wellness.


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