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Internet of Things Protocols | IoT Communication Model and APIs

In this article we discuss Internet of Things Protocols, IoT Communication Model and APIs. Internet of Things Protocols help to establish Communication between IoT Device (Node Device) and Cloud based Server over the Internet. It help to sent commands to IoT Device and received data from an IoT device over the Internet. We expain some most […]

ESP32 BLE Tutorials | How to use ESP32 with BLE

In the post we learn some ESP32 BLE Tutorials. We will use Arduino IDE for tutorials, Visit this for Arduino IDE : Arduino IDE | Arduino | Open Source Hardware/Softawre | Arduino Vs RPi. First we add-on ESP 32 on Arduino IDE and then Start ESP32 BLE Tutorials. Recommended: Best Arduino IDE alternatives to start programming Getting […]

IoT Protocols

This article provides an IoT protocols list. There are several IoT protocols that are widely used in IoT connectivity with different features. This article wants to be a guide describing the most important IoT protocols, that enable to exchange data between different IoT devices and between IoT devices and IoT cloud platforms. IoT protocols can […]

Espruino – open-source JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers

What is Espruino? Espruino is an open-source JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers. It is designed for devices with small amounts of RAM (as low as 8kB). Everything on one chip for the lowest power consumption. It has everything it needs on a single chip. This makes it affordable, reliable, and power efficient – allowing it to […]

Wireless IoT Network Protocols

In this article we provides a list of Wireless IoT Network Protocols, in no particular order. If you’re looking for an Wireless IoT Network Protocols, here we explain some Wireless IoT Network Protocols. Read this for understanding IoT Protocols : https://iotbyhvm.ooo/physical-and-logical-design-of-iot/ You may like also : https://iotbyhvm.ooo/iot-data-protocols/ Wireless IoT Network Protocols Bluetooth Bluetooth is a […]

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