Espruino – open-source JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers


What is Espruino?

Espruino is an open-source JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers. It is designed for devices with small amounts of RAM (as low as 8kB). Everything on one chip for the lowest power consumption. It has everything it needs on a single chip. This makes it affordable, reliable, and power efficient – allowing it to run for years on a battery. It has large selection of tutorials, all searchable and indexed by the hardware they use ensures that you’re up and running in no time! Use Espruino With a growing list of libraries and documentation for many common devices.


  • JavaScript – “The Language of the Web” is used everywhere – your laptop, phone, TV, and the servers that power the internet. With Espruino you can use it on a low power microcontroller too!
  • Responsive – It is an interpreter. It gives you instant feedback so you can view, debug and modify your program while it is running
  • Fully Open Source –  All of Pruducts is Open Source. The different parts are licensed as follows:
  1. EspruinoFirmware – Mozilla Public License, version 2.0
  2. EspruinoCode Samples – MIT License
  3. EspruinoDocumentation – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
  4. EspruinoHardware Design Files – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
  • Crowdfunded – Three EspruinoBoards were crowdfunded using KickStarter.
  • No software needed. Get started in seconds –  EspruinoBoards use Bluetooth LE or plug in to your computer by USB. No drivers, no special software. Just open a terminal app and start writing code!
  • It installs in seconds and provides a modern Syntax Highlighted editor with code completion and even debugging. It even automatically loads any modules you need from the internet.
  • The optional graphical editor makes it quick and easy to create simple devices, even if you’ve never programmed before.

Boards :

  • Original Espruino-Board – The Espruino board is an officially supported board – it comes pre-programmed with Espruino, so you just plug it in and it works.
  • Espruino-WiFi – It provides an easy, well-supported way to get on the Internet, however it’s not the only way to access a WiFi network from an Espruino board.
  • Espruino-Pico
  • Puck.js –  JavaScript + Bluetooth = ♥ . A JavaScript microcontroller you can program and debug wirelessly. No software needed – get started in seconds with Web Bluetooth!
  • Pixl.js – A smart LCD with Bluetooth LE. Monitor and control other Bluetooth LE devices, act as a wireless display, create your own smart conference badge, or even just display the status of your code – all while drawing tiny amounts of power.
  • MDBT42Q Bluetooth Module

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