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Co-Create New Grove Module Libraries to Work With ESPHome/Home Assistant and Get A Big Hardware Gift Bag By Seeed

Here is great news for you! Seeed announced a New Grove Module Libraries Co-Create campaign! We are going to discuss this campaign in detail. To better support the smart home community, Seeed invited engineers to join us to co-create new Grove Module Libraries to work with ESPHome and Home Assistant to promote the ecological construction of ESPHome together. Moreover, Seed have a number of Grove starter kits/devices up for grabs.

Currently, Seeed provide 38 Grove Modules wikis that can work with ESPHome. Seeed is hosting the New Grove module libraries co-create campaign over the next few months, which will take your skills to help automate homes with Seeed hardware, ESPHome, and the Home Assistant platform. Add module libraries to work with ESPHome or Home Assistant,  build smart home projects with your creation and contribute to documentation or tutorials to have a chance to get a big hardware gift bag. If your Grove module library for the Home Assistant community is approved by ESPHome, developers will receive the gift bag directly from Seeed Studio.

What is ESPHome?


is a tool which aims to make managing your ESP boards as simple as possible. It reads in a YAML configuration file and creates custom firmware which it installs on your ESP device. Devices or sensors added in ESPHome’s configuration will automatically show up in Home Assistant’s UI. In simple words we can say that “ESPHome is a system to control your ESP8266/ESP32 by simple yet powerful configuration files and control them remotely through Home Automation systems.

How to enter the New Grove Module Libraries Co-Create campaign?

Please follow up these guidelines when adding support for a Grove module.

  1. Check whether the Grove module is not already supported by checking ESPHome.io and this list.
  2. Please check and choose the Grove module you want from the Current Grove List and work it with ESPHome/Home Assistant.
  3. Please fill out the form to submit your library proposal for your selected Grove module and we will send you a free sample for testing. New Grove module library co-create proposal.
  4. Please follow the guidelines in this document for contributions and how to add new Grove module library support for ESPHome/Home Assistant.

What can you benefit from the new Grove Module Libraries Co-Create program?

  • Get one free sample Grove module from Seeed (first coming first served)
  • Get A Big Hardware Gift Bag from Seeed

All eligible PR submissions to the ESPHome repository will be sent gift bags as thanks. Winners will be announced and contacted by us in the near future.

  • Hardware Gift Bag Contents: 
  1. Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 
  2. Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion Board
  3. Seeed Grove Air Quality Sensor
  4. Seeed Grove Relay
  5. SONOFF BASICR2 – Switch
  6. SONOFF DW2-Wi-Fi – Door/ Window Sensor
  7. Seeed Studio XIAO Pillow

Special Note: This table is a list of Seeed Studio’s Grove Module, you can co-create the Grove libraries to work with ESPHome and Home Assistant, which are being worked on by some developers from our community. We will update the progress every week for all engineers/developers who are participating in the 2022 Grove library Co-Create event. More Resources

So If you are interested, Please join this campaign right now and Get A Big Hardware Gift Bag By Seeed!!



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