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How long does the battery last on an electric scooter

Electric scooters are popular among people because they let them get rid of the fuel expense. However, one major expenditure that you have to face due to your electric scooter is the battery life. As electric scooter batteries are a bit costly so, people are worried about the battery life of their scooter and consider this fact before buying any scooter. There are many benefits of an electronic scooter like an adventurous and smooth riding experience, no fuel expenditure, and many more but one thing that you should always consider before buying an electronic scooter form lumbuy see here details.

If you are wondering to know that “how long does the battery last on an electric scooter” then you are in right place.

How long does the battery last on an electric scooter?

Commonly, the battery of an electronic computer lasts for 2 to 3 years with a complete maintenance. In other words, it lasts for 300 to 500 full charge cycles. The battery can start to damage after 2 to 3 years. However, the above lifespan is for average-quality batteries.

Low-quality batteries can hardly last for one year only while top-class batteries can last for 5 years and above. Proper maintenance can increase the life timing of a battery of an electronic scooter.

In general, the battery of an electric scooter can last for 6 to 7 years. If you want to measure the life span of the battery of an e-scooter then you should measure its charge cycle. Many common batteries consume 300 to 500 complete charge cycles while the top quality batteries have 1000 or above charge cycles. Charging the battery from 0% to 100% means the full charge cycle.

To clear your concept let me give example. If your battery is charged every day, then it will last 1 to 2 years but usually, you do not ride your scooter every day. Therefore, charging it one time in 2 to 3 days is the best option for you. In this way, it will last 2 years or can also last for 5 years.

What are the factors on which battery life relies?

The following are some important factors on which battery life relies:

  • Battery Manufacturer

One major factor is the manufacturer. It can be a primary factor because a high-standard brand makes a high-quality battery as compared to a low-standard brand. Many batteries are available these days some of which are built by a big brand but some by small brands. The performance of a battery relies upon the quality while the quality relies upon the manufacturer.

Battery manufacturing is a competitive and highly growing business with a silly amount of advancement and creativity. So, prefer to choose a high-quality battery from a renowned brand.

  • Battery Specs

Another factor that has a great impact on the battery life is its specs like voltage, charge, and capacity. It is associated with the motor also. If you choose a battery with a big capacity, it will hold more power so, you do not need to charge it daily. In this way, your battery life will increase.

  • Battery Maintenance

Maintenance is another major fact that has a great impact on battery life. The battery with proper maintenance can last for a long time of 4 to 5 years or above.

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