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Share and watch together videos

Nowadays we have many video streaming apps (YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion, Prime Video, Netflix). Since Covid 19, we are watching newly release movies on the OTT platform as well. But there is a shortage in OTT platforms and streaming videos sites that we cannot watch videos together with our family or friends. We all want to enjoy online videos with our friends. Today I am sharing an app Flixadda with you so that we can watch any video together with our friends and also do video conferencing.

What is Flixadda ?

Flixadda is amazing “Made in Indian” platform. Here you can Share and watch together exciting movies, live sports events, news and TV shows. Huddle with friends, and enjoy the videos in real time synchronously.

FlixAdda lets you create a watch party, where everybody can watch the videos together while seeing, hearing and chatting with each other. It is like having a videoconferencing, not the boring work related, but filled with entertainment. FlixAdda shows a synchronized stream to all participants so that everybody sees the same scene of the movie or the same action of the live sports.

You can do

  • Virtual Movie night with friends or your partner
  • Virtual Kid’s cartoon party
  • Ladies flaunt party, Dandiya night party
  • Study Sessions for Students
  • Video Conferencing
  • Political discussion while watching live news channels

And one more thing. You can watch your personal videos with your family. Just load one from your computer and broadcast it live to your closed group. Once you are out of ideas, make someone else host and continue the fun!!

Watch an Introduction Video

How to use ?

Visit app.flixadda.in for use Flixadda online. It’s completely safe and secure. And most importantly free to use! You can download Android app also.

How it work ?

First step is to register either using your Facebook account, or any valid email address. After verifying your registration, getting started is very easy and intuitive.

FlixAdda lets you turn your computer into a entertainment broadcast center. You can share movies, music, or videos, from your device and watch together with your friends in real time. You could start by hosting a room. Click on “Start” button to host an “Adda” with the content from your personal device.

Or you can also start your “Adda” with an online video stream available from the app. Once you are live, you can start inviting your friends. Click on your favorite social network icon, and share the “Adda” web address with your friends.

for more details https://flixadda.in/how-it-works/

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