Best Social Apps to Connect People & Create Live Polls

Social Apps to Connect People & Create Live Polls

Polling applications are a great way to gather data and information from the general public comprising of customers, retailers, businesses, employees and other opinionated people. These opinions of a vast crowd come in handy when conducting market research, product testing, corporate meetings or social media posts.

Popular social networking apps such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feature creating live polls and asking people questions and answers about anything and everything. These apps allow you to provide your opinion on topics that are trending.

QiT app is a one-stop platform for conducting surveys, connecting people, asking questions and answers, and creating live polls. Be it an individual opinion or a business wanting to know what the mass public is looking for, QiT is just the platform for you.

Don’t be a stranger. Press & Post a Q!

Benefits of Live Polls and Survey Apps

First-Hand Information 

Collecting first-hand information and data from people involving personal opinions, human behaviour, market research is not easy. You need to hold a large and dynamic pool of audience to be able to gain so much information at once easily. Polling apps connect you to the general public that is spread across demographically and provide you with genuine information easily.

Save Time and Money

Polls and surveys, focusing on a particular topic, turn out to be time-consuming naturally. Launching a business or start-up without testing the idea in the market involves huge risks. The chances of failing get amplified as you are not aware of customer behaviour. Generating surveys online that target the specific location and demographics will save your time spent on intensive research otherwise. Businesses that spend a huge amount on reversing their errors instead of investing the time in a market study need such apps that provide them with quick survey answers.

Online Reviews can be Tricky

Sometimes, it might be tedious to read through online reviews regarding a specific product. These reviews may differ from person to person and not address what you are looking for.

About QiT app

Connect people online and ask questions and answers or conduct surveys and live polls through the QiT app. This user-friendly platform enables you to vote on answers asked by people and share opinions and views on a specific field of expertise you hold. The survey questions, upon receiving opinions from a mass audience, can be represented in the form of color-coded statistics for easy understanding. Search polls on the app and vote on the answers you connect with.

Benefits of using QiT App

QiT is one of the polling apps available on the internet. There are many more such apps that let you conduct surveys and live polls to collect personal opinions. But here are a couple of reasons why QiT stands out in the crowd of many!

Relevant Opinions

Tailor a question before posting it on the globally available platform based on your needs and preferences. Target the right audience by selecting a specific category of the question. Choose a particular city, state or country or post your poll all over the world. You could also be targeting a specific gender, so choose wisely. Select the time limit when you are running on the clock, and you’re all set! Your very own customized question is ready. This feature allows you to receive relevant opinions and accurate answers.

Social Media Connectivity 

Share your poll and real-time reports analytics on your social networking sites. QiT generates color-coded statistics for viewers to understand the result at a glance.

Go Incognito 

Hide your identity when posting a sensitive question or in situations, you do not wish to reveal your individuality.

Chat and Comment 

Help others in need of some information you know of by either commenting on the post or using the chat feature.

QiT is one such app that lets you have a 3rd party opinion on things that might be confusing to you. Leave the choice to people. Let them choose what you should be buying on New Years’. Ask people located in a specific city if they are ready for your business idea or not. Share poll on social media for others to see what the majority of the crowd is rooting for!

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