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MQTT on Mobile platforms | MQTT on Android | MQTT on iOS

MQTT is an OASIS standard messaging protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). I already published lot of content about MQTT protocol But today i am talking about MQTT on Mobile platforms. MQTT 5 is latest version of MQTT right now. Nowadays we are using lot of devices that runs on Android and iOS platforms. So i am sharing two GitHub projects with you.

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MQTT on Andriod | Eclipse Paho Android Service

The Paho Android Service is an MQTT client library written in Java for developing applications on Android. You can explore this GitHub Project by this link : https://github.com/eclipse/paho.mqtt.android


    • MQTT 3.1 and 3.1.1
    • LWT
    • SSL/TLS
    • Automatic Recomnnect
    • Offline Buffering
    • WebSocket Support
    • Standard TCP Support
    • Message Persistence

To get started, download Android Studio. You will also need to download the Android SDK. Currently you will need the SDK for 24.

The Paho project has been created to provide reliable open-source implementations of open and standard messaging protocols aimed at new, existing, and emerging applications for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT). Paho reflects the inherent physical and cost constraints of device connectivity. Its objectives include effective levels of decoupling between devices and applications, designed to keep markets open and encourage the rapid growth of scalable Web and Enterprise middleware and applications.

Useful Links

Use MQTT on Android Smartphone

If you know about Termux (A linux environment app for Android). You can any linux MQTT servers/Client in Android devices easily. Please visit this article for more information : MQTT Broker on Android | How To Run MQTT Broker in Android

MQTT on iOS | CocoaMQTT

This is MQTT v3.1.1 client library for iOS/macOS/tvOS written with Swift 5. You can explore this GitHub project by this link : https://github.com/emqx/CocoaMQTT. Please visit GitHub Repo for Documentation and Installation.

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