5 Tips for Writing a Great Paper: Never Hire Essay Writers Again

5 Tips for Writing a Great Paper: Never Hire Essay Writers Again

Writing an essay can be challenging. That explains why some students would rather hire essay writers than write their essays. Unfortunately, there are problems you may face after hiring essay writers. First, they may cause you to flunk your examinations by delivering subpar essays. Also, essay writers tend to be expensive. According to Jenny Lee, an academic writer, you could pay between $55 and $60 per page. Therefore, it is advisable to write your essay even when you find it challenging.

Admittedly, you may not want to write a challenging essay for fear of failing your exams. Luckily, there are some things you could do to deliver an excellent essay. Here are five tips for writing a great paper without relying on cheap professional essay writers.

1. Use Clear and Concise Writing

For some reason, some students believe that using jargon makes their essays better. Unfortunately, the person grading your essay may be confused about the message you are trying to convey. Consider this example, “My boss asked whether he could stir fry an idea in my think-wok.” To an ordinary person, they will focus on the cooking technique rather than the sentence’s intended meaning. Instead, the sentence should read like this, “My boss asked my opinion on this matter.”

Besides using simpler language, you should remove redundancies or filler words. By including them in your work, your instructor will assume you are using them to falsely meet the required page count. An example of a redundant sentence is, “She nodded her head in agreement.” The word, “nodded,” implies she used her head to do this action, so you do not need to mention “head.” The correct sentence would be, “She nodded in agreement.”

2. Engage the Reader

Your introduction determines whether or not your lecturer will be interested in reading the rest of your essay. To write a good introduction, you could begin with a rhetorical question. An example of such a question would be, “Did you know that at least two-thirds of American adults have obesity?” Such a question motivates you to read to find out about the seriousness of the condition in the United States. Also, you could begin your introduction with a quotation to introduce your topic. If your topic is about education, you could introduce your essay with Malcolm X’s quote, “Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world.”

A good essay is engaging if it relies on descriptions. Descriptions help to engage a reader’s senses. Consider a sentence like this, “The man approached me.” This sentence is not descriptive enough because we do not know much about the man. A good descriptive sentence would be, “The 7-foot man with pale skin approached me.” Thanks to this sentence, we know the man’s height and skin tone.

3. Include Evidence in Your Essays

When you make a claim for something, you must provide evidence for it. For instance, you could say that men are generally stronger than women due to having more muscle mass. The reader will want to know how much muscle mass men have, so statistical data would be the best evidence to provide. First, you must mention where you got this information e.g. According to… After that, you can mention the relevant figures. In this case, we can say, “According to InBody Asia, men have 36% more muscle mass than women.”

As a student, your lecturer may want to know how bad wars can be. You could mention that wars lead to many fatalities. Although people know that, you must still provide proof. The best proof for such a topic would be using historical examples. For instance, you could say war causes fatalities by referencing the Second World War, in which 75 million people died.

4. Revise and Edit Your Essay

Completing your essay is not the final step. You need to ensure your essay makes sense. For instance, you need to check for any grammatical and spelling errors. As a sociology student, you might find this step unnecessary. After all, shouldn’t linguistics students be concerned about spelling and grammatical errors? Here is the thing, errors in your work make it hard for lecturers to understand your points. As a result, they may award you a low grade. If you check our essay writing articles, you will find that one of the constant themes is the importance of revising and editing every paper.

Nowadays, you do not need to read your entire essay to check for errors. All you need to do is submit your work to grammar checkers, e.g., Grammarly. Grammar checkers will underline sentences with errors, and all you have to do is to correct them. Still, you could edit your work by involving your peers or lecturers. Remember, grammar checkers may not be entirely accurate, which is why you need to edit your work using as many means as possible.

5. Provide Citations and References

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of including evidence in your work. For essays, you would usually do that by including in-text citations. An example of an in-text citation is, “It has been said that without education, you cannot go anywhere (Malcolm X, 1964).” After providing the citation, you must include it in your list of references using the appropriate citation style (APA, MLA or Chicago). Typically, your instructor will tell you what citation style to use in your essay.

Why should we provide citations and references, anyway? Have you ever read an article that vaguely mentioned a certain concept? Upon reading about the concept, you wanted to know more about it. That is why references are necessary, so that the writer can visit one of the links for further information. Also, citations and references serve as proof that you did not plagiarize your essay.


Do you see how easy it is to write your essay once you follow these steps? If you are wondering how to begin your essay, researching online helps a lot. First, you will read various articles which will influence how you write your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusions. Next, you will have enough content to include in your work. Of course, you should paraphrase your work and include references to avoid plagiarism. Within no time, you will be passing your examinations.

Do you know the best part about writing exceptional essays after reading these tips? You will no longer have to pay hefty fees to have your essay written.

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