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3 Classic Grand Seiko Gems

One blogger had a recent visit to the Grand Seiko boutique in London. Some of their bestselling models were sighted, resulting in quite a change of heart. There’s no doubt about it, however: Grand Seiko is a brand of watch that deserves all the hype it can get. In-person, their watches are impressive. And the quality is even better.

However, what are the best three (3) watches Grand Seiko gems? These are the following: the Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom, the Spring Drive Snowflake, and the Elegance GMT.

Some of them are more you can read about down below.

Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom

The Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom’s pale pink dial is reminiscent of the cherry blossom season and how the blossoms fall into the water and create flower rafts. As a result, the Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom is a peculiar watch when seen in person. In real life, the dial changes in appearance from pink to silver due to lighting. Moreover, finding words to describe how much color changes is quite tricky.

The Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom’s dial is stamped. It is also hand-polished. Rather, these two (2) qualities allow it to play with the light. The manner it does is quite compelling and mesmerizing. However, the second hand is even more stunning in person. Grand Seiko’s trademark Spring Drive technology offers you the best of the mechanical and quartz watch worlds. And it certainly lives in the 9R65 Calibre.

In essence, the Spring Drive mechanism has an electronic braking system. The system then regulates the mechanism. Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive mechanism uses a tiny magnet alongside wires and a quartz crystal. As a result, they have created a frictionless regulator that utilizes an electromagnetic brake.

Grand Seiko has a specially designed their special titanium. The special titanium offers superior scratch resistance, and the polished surface catches the lights in the only way a Grand Seiko can do.

If you want to learn more, check out the GS Official website.

Spring Drive Snowflake Ref. SBGA211

With a round titanium case with a 41mm diameter, the Spring Drive Snowflake Ref. SBGA211 is also another gem under Grand Seiko’s roster. It has a sloped bezel from the bottom edge to where it meets the crystal at the top. In addition, the watch’s crystal’s got this slight indent that is located on its edge. It also features a slightly curved design. However, thanks to the genius of the Grand Seiko designers, the curved design does not distort the dial.

At a water resistance of 100 meters, the Spring Drive Snowflake Ref. SBGA211 is great and safe for swimming. Its dial is textured white. Meanwhile, silver indices have been applied at five-minute positions, while the 1-minute interval marks have these tiny blue hashes.

It also uses the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Movement and a 72-hour power reserve.

Elegance GMT Ref. SBGM221

If the Grand Seiko SBGA211 is spartan and utilitarian, then the Elegance GMT Ref. SBGM221 is all about that classic look. With its retro dial, pinkish cream-colored surface, and marks, it certainly looks the part.

The Elegance GMT Ref. SBGM221 has hands that have been crafted from stainless steel. You’ll also see a second, 24-hour index inside the primary index of the watch.

Overall, it is an understated watch crafted for old-timer fans. However, it still is a classic because of its design and the power of its dial.

Wrapping Up

These classic Grand Seiko gems are tricky to find. Online, visually, you might say they look “eh,” but there is more to them than what meets the eye!

Image Source: Unsplash

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