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What To Like About Seiko 5 Watches

How good are Seiko 5 watches? Watches from Seiko 5 are excellent. They are extremely cost-effective. One of the world’s most highly regarded watch brands makes these watches, and they have good looks, and rock-solid movements that are made by one of the world’s most reputable watch companies.

The best part is that they are affordable.

Seiko 5 watches come in hundreds of styles; finding the perfect one might take a while. There’s no need to worry: you’re in the right place!

The Best Seiko 5 Watches

  1. Seiko SNKL45

One of the best watches from the Seiko 5 line for everyday wear. When I am asked, “which Seiko 5 is the best?” SNKL45 is my always answer.

In terms of style, it is very similar to the Seiko SARB033, or the SARB035 if you are a fan of light dials, in which case you should try the Seiko SNKL41 (Amazon link, less readily available).

This watch has a beautiful dial with a black sunburst pattern that really catches the light. At this price point, you won’t find this kind of design cue in any other brand. The playful red second’s hand adds an extra pop of color. This watch fits every wrist on earth thanks to its 37 mm case. As an added bonus, you get the 01V0 case for a Seiko 5, which is the best-looking and most comfortable you can find.

There is nothing remarkable about 40 hours of power reserve and 30m of water resistance. However, the overall feeling is. It is both subdued and pleasant to look at. This could very well become a daily wear item for you. Yes, it should! It’s simply the best deal on the market for the price. Make your choice now, you’ll be glad you did!

  1. Seiko SNZG15

Field watches are among the best on the market today.

We’re going to talk about something different: the best field watch in the Seiko 5 line. When it comes to ruggedness, military aesthetics, and great value for money, the SNZG15 is one of the most popular watches among watch enthusiasts.

This 42 mm watch will nott disappear on your wrist. Although the bead-blasted case and overall black color won’t shout, the overall black color certainly won’t make it stand out. A perfect balance between functionality and versatility is achieved with this product.

There are many reasons why people love it, but the biggest are its bold Arabic numerals, military time, and the red tip on the second hand.

This watch features the 7S36 movement and is water resistant to 100 meters, so you’re ready to face your day for less than your average fashion watch.

  1. Seiko SNXS79K

This is a great alternative to the Rolex Datejust that is affordable: the almighty Seiko SNXS79K.  As a great alternative to the Rolex Datejust, this watch also offers a lot of great features. In spite of that, it does not feel shy to do so!

The gray sunburst dial on this thing is absolutely stunning. I bet you won’t want to take it off your wrist. Its simple yet elegant baton hands and rectangular hour markers are perfectly balanced with the way the dial plays (inside and outside).

There is nothing special about the case that makes it stand out. For smaller wrists, it looks a bit awkward due to the flat lugs. If you have wrists over 6.5 inches, you’re good to go – its 37 mm size fits most people.

You can also try it on a NATO strap! The lugs will no longer be an issue, and this piece will look completely different.

Wrapping Up

Does Seiko 5 make any good watches? Watches from Seiko 5 don’t have the best movements, and their bracelets may be subpar. However, they offer great value for money: these are great budget automatic watches with a great design, which many watch enthusiasts love.

Image Source: Pexel

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