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Best 5 Architectural Firms In The World

During the earlier half of 2017, the largest architectural firms had an annual survey that was ranked by the number of employed architects the firms had. The report also delved into the financial records of the firm as well as the industry trends.

However, that report needs to be updated. This 2023, what firms still dominate the global architectural industry? Read this article to find out more!


It should be noted that Gensler has consistently topped the ranking of all the architectural firms in the world, even the architectural firm Philippines. In 2021, Gensler received total revenue of 1.24 billion US dollars. Its head office is located in San Francisco, California. In addition, it has other offices located in forty-eight (48) cities worldwide.

Gensler was established in 1965 by Arthur Desnler, Drue Densler, and James Follet. The firm has several key projects that have propelled them to the limelight. Some of these projects include Incheon International Airport in South Korea, Abu Dhabi Financial Centre in the UAE, Facebook Headquarters, Shangai Tower in Shanghai, China, and also San Francisco International Airport Terminals 2 and 3.

Kohn Pedersen Foxe

Kohn Pedersen Foxe houses around six hundred fifty (650) employees. Its headquarters are in New York City, and one of the world’s largest architectural firms.

Under its belt, Kohn Pedersen Foxe has delivered several impressive and recognizable projects worldwide. In addition, the firm’s services are interiors, architecture, and master planning. Some of its best projects are the RBC Centre-Tornto, Mandarin Oriental-Las Vegas, and Petersens Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

RSP Architects

RSP Architects is an award-winning architecture firm. RSP Architects’ revenue is $640 million. In addition, Minneapolis is where their headquarters are located at.

The firm’s other office locations are in Phoenix, Rochester, Miami, Hong Kong, India, and Baltimore. Its clients include various sectors, although they are mostly the government, education, science, and corporate bodies worldwide.

Nakheel Mall in the United Arab Emirates and St. Regis in Kuala Lumpur are some of RSP Architect’s biggest projects.

Perkins & Will

Perkins & Will, on the other hand, was established in 1935. Its headquarters are in Chicago, United States. In 2020, Perkins & Will’s revenue amounted to $595 million, thus cementing its place as one of the biggest architectural firms in the world. In addition, the firm has 2600 employees with the most LEED-accredited members.

Their architectural portfolio includes the Bridgestone Tower-Nashville, Tennessee; Crow Island School-Illinois; and Florida Atlantic University- Schmidt Biomedical Science Centre. Moreover, Perkins and Will have completed a lot of buildings that are recognized worldwide.

Nikken Sekkei

Nikken Sekkei is a Japanese and leading architectural firm. Nikken Sekkei is based in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Nikken Sekkei has completed over twenty-five thousand projects (25000) and has a myriad of offices in sixteen (16) cities worldwide. Among their services, Nikken Sekkei has consulting, architectural design, urban planning, interior design, and sustainability.

Tokyo Skytree, Grand Front Osaka, Guangzhou Library, and Queen’s Square Yokohama are among Nikken Sekkei’s best and most high-profile architectural projects. The first is the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world.

Wrapping Up

Architecture is a competitive industry to be in. However, it is also an industry that continually adapts to the call of the times and the needs of its customers.

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