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Top 10 Data Visualization Tools and Software are Ruling 2021

Data visualization plays a crucial role in business today. It provides the business owners with insights into data, making it easy for them to grab the most important information in the easiest way. If you are wondering which tool to choose for your data visualization needs, below are the top 10 tools and software ruling in 2021.


Tableau is a great visual analytics tool that us quite good at collecting data from sources like business intelligence. When it comes to showing how visualization plays a crucial role in productivity management, Tableau comes as an industry leader.

It offers a range of data visualization software and tools. For example, Tableau Creator, which allows processing of data to the visualized analytics. It is definitely a top ruling data visualization tool in 2021.

Google Charts

If your business has a tight budget, your business has simple data visualization needs, Google Charts is a great option for you. It is a free-to-use tool that can take your complex data and convert it into pie charts or what does a Sankey Diagram show.

Also, this tool provides the users with latest updates. The best thing is, it is a cloud-based data visualization software. This feature makes it easy for your team to work collaboratively. Further, it is compatible with several mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Zoho Analytics

Another top data visualization tool ruling in 2021 is Zoho. With this tool, you can incorporate data from multiple sources and compile it together to create dashboards or reports. Its product features a drag-and-drop designer and an array of data visualization tools to know the basics.

One of the distinct features is an assistant that can answer all your queries in the form of KPIs widgets through machine learning or AI. The users can share reports with the team and the tool will alert you when an anomaly happens.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft offers an excellent data visualization tool that lets you gather information from different data sources and store it into dashboards. It is an incredible tool for the businesses that need to create real-time reports for the critical metrics or KPIs.

It transforms the complex data into easy-to-understand infographics or charts. As it is a cloud-based tool, all your team members can view the data and share it across Microsoft platforms.


It is an online chart building tool that allows the users to import data, create a chart, and share it within their network easily. With this simple designer, anyone can create a chart without requiring any coding knowledge. Plus, you can choose from dozens of chart types and gather data from almost any source.


Chartio is another cloud-based analytics platform on the list of top data visualization tools ruling in 2021. You can create charts, interactive dashboards, and features a visual version of SQL that allows you to explore and visualize data through a drag-and-drop interface.

It has a set of pre-built connections to the data sources, like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, etc. Plus, it provides you with a direct access to Google Sheets and CSVs.


If you are looking for a business analytics platform, Databox is the way to go. It pulls all the organizational data, allowing the users to track performance and get real-time insights. Besides, you can mix and match metrics from multiple sources, and add them to one dashboard. Also, there is a DIY dashboard designer that lets users collect the metrics they need.


It is an exceptional, all-in-one data visualization tool that helps users create reports, presentations, infographics, and more! With more than 40 chart and diagram types, flowcharts, diagrams, histograms, line graphs, etc., you can display complex data in an easy way.

You can easily share the graphs, download them, and embed them. In addition, there is a library of chart templates; you can customize your brand fonts, colors, and use a drag-and-drop interface.


Juicebox provides you an easy way to create appealing and interactive data visualizations. This tool focuses on data usability and storytelling, which makes it stand out from the other tools. With its simple styling options, it ensures a professional looking design. Also, it has a responsive layout that can be easily viewed on mobile.


It is a fully cloud-based data visualization tool that brings data and people together, connecting them digitally. This business intelligence tool offers micro, as well as macro-level analysis and data visualization. Domo also comes with great collaboration capabilities, allows you to create real-time dashboards, and offers unlimited data storage.


In this article, we talked about the top data visualization tools ruling in 2021. Whatever the tool you want to choose, take time to think about your needs and then explore the various options available. It is advised to use the free trial versions of the tools and compare their functionality with the nearest competitor tools. Also, match the various features, pricing, offers, plans, and choose a data visualization tool that caters to your needs.

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