Watch Collecting: A Walkthrough For Beginners

Watch Collecting

The world of watch collecting is a field of inspection, maintenance, and collecting. A good watch serves many purposes that are more than telling the time. It can be a lifelong partner on your wrist or a long heirloom from your family. Watch collecting can begin by inheriting the hobby, or you start from scratch.

If you are a beginner, remember that you maintain many timepieces throughout. There are many types of watches to look out for, and you must choose carefully. It is confusing at first, but collecting more and more watches will be easier for you.

What Is Watch Collecting?

Watch collecting involves looking at many types of watches and seeing if they are worth the collection. With the many different types available, you can find a watch through the store or on the internet. Depending on your preferences, you can research the watch beforehand.

Choosing Your Model

Selecting your first watch model is the first step in a collection. With the many timepieces available, you can do this at your own pace without spending too much time. There are models that come from many collections, such as the Prospex series. If a model does not suit your preferences, you can start with second-hand models. As these models have parts built-in, it can give you an idea of maintaining one. If you are ready for it, you can collect a newer model as you go.

Inspecting The Parts

A watch comprises many intricate parts. The most common ones you encounter are the dial, crown, hands, and case. Smaller parts, such as gears and jewelry, are optional to place in the model. Fortunately, the store can provide extra parts if the original model cannot work. Ensure that the parts you buy and install are compatible with the watch so it can work.

For example, a watchmaker uses parts from the same manufacturer. They can also use parts from different manufacturers, which affects the timepiece’s value. If the monetary value of the watch does not hinder your enjoyment, you can still keep the watch. The amount of parts does not change the purpose of collecting one. It is your timepiece, after all.

Do Trade-Ins

Trade-ins are a way for collectors to give their watches to other collectors. Most watches can keep their value as long as the information about the model remains intact. If you plan to do a trade-in, swap the watch you will give. For example, stainless steel watches are a common model to swap among collectors. It would be more difficult to trade-ins if the model is a rare watch or a timepiece you inherited.

If you are final with your decision in the trade, ensure that the watch is in good condition. Maintenance is always practiced for any timepiece you have. You should have the entire package, including the box, parts, and the actual watch. It shows that you take care of watches even on these transactions.

Wrapping Up

Collecting watches is a hobby that tests your maintenance and care of the timepiece. When you choose a model, it is the first step in collecting. As you hold the watch, you can look into the parts to see if they are still working. You can keep it for as long as you like. If you plan to swap your watch, ensure you have the package so it can have a proper sendoff. In the end, we collect and give away watches to show our appreciation.

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