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4 Grand Seiko Watches We Can’t Get Enough Of

Grand Seiko: an exquisite brand that no longer needs an introduction – even if you’re remotely partial to lingering Boss Hunting’s digital pages. It is no exaggeration to say that plenty of people are fans of Grand Seiko, its legacy – and its wide body of work.

The moniker was given to a small run of luxury high-end dress watches Seiko produced for its Japanese domestic market during the 1960s. Grand Seiko has become popular in North America and Australia over the last decade.

People first regarded Grand Seiko as a ‘value-for-money’ proposition that had the addition of having a cult following among Japanophiles and watch collectors obsessed with microcosmic details. However, Grand Seiko shaped up with a rapid transformation into a full-fledged luxury brand.

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT’ 44GS 55th Anniversary’

There’s great and ferocious competition within Grand Seiko’s prolific offerings for the “best overall watch.” The SBGJ255, also known as the 44GS 55th Anniversary, is an unusual choice, especially since it is a limited edition piece. However, unlike the red hot and always sold-out “White Birch” and Kodo, this Heritage piece epitomizes Grand Seiko’s timeless spirit, honoring the company’s past, present, and future.

The language and layout of the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT’ 44GS 55th Anniversary’ traces a consistent through-line aligned with the recent history of Grand Seiko. It also cleans up its old design language with a very subtle dial treatment that evokes the sensation of neatly raked snow.

Its design is iconic, projecting style and substance. On the downside, though, the watch has a relatively short power reserve and has limited availability.


Introduce Grand Seiko to anyone – and most enthusiasts will recall Grand Seiko as the brand offering obvious (not to mention formidable) competition for best-selling tool watches like the Rolex Explorer II and Omega Seamaster!

The SBGN011 GMT is part of the classic Grand Seiko Heritage collection. Those interested in buying can expect a solid case style and amazing decorative finishing on the watch’s dial across the board. Grand Seiko’s high-precision 9F quartz movement rounds out the time-and-date functionality of the piece. Every three (3) years, though, you might need to get a battery replacement every three years.

Grand Seiko SBGE285

From watch YouTuber Adrian Barker to Jack Forster, formerly of Hodinkee – and a lot more, everyone adores the Grand Seiko SBGV245J. The Grand Seiko SBGV245J was part of the underrated Grand Seiko Sport collection. However, it remains and holds up well as one of Grand Seiko’s cleanest, leanest, and, indeed, meanest distillations of mechanical watchmaking.

Grand Seiko First (with Logo Carving)

The Grand Seiko First is a well-loved unit. It also represents the first run of Grand Seiko’s mechanical watches. This line was manufactured by the Suwa Seikosha factory and had been conceived as a durable and beautiful but accurate watch. It was this watch, particularly, though, that would evolve into a fully-fledged brand.

The Grand Seiko First is prime watchmaking, and at the peak of its time during June 1960, it symbolizes Grand Seiko’s “functional beauty” aesthetic philosophy.

Wrapping Up

We’ve rounded up the best and most iconic Grand Seiko watches we have loved – and will continue to love! They sum up the best things about the brand and what makes them timeless classics. It is also an unsung hymn – and proof – of Grand Seiko’s ingenuity as a watch brand.

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