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How Classplus is cost-effective for selling online courses

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How to begin with selling online courses with Classplus?

Why choose Classplus to sell online courses effectively?

Benefits of creating and selling online courses

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Online classes became popular in a very short span of time and it is easy to see why. Now it is becoming more common to become an online tutor. Online teaching, often known as e-learning, is considerably more cost effective than traditional training methods like printed manuals or in-person lectures. Online classes are undoubtedly more effective than any other form of teaching. But once you think about selling courses online the question is how to do it. To help you find the answer to that question we are here to discuss the benefits of creating and selling online courses with Classplus

The cost-effectiveness of Classplus for selling online courses is discussed in this blog. Logging onto our portal is all you need to do to begin with selling online courses because Classplus is an affordable option for selling online courses. A teaching platform makes it easy for educators to create and deliver online classes. Build your own brand with your own app. Create and manage your courses with ease.

Getting an app for selling online courses is beneficial in many ways, such as-

  • Create various types of online content
  • Upload easily
  • Management of entire classroom and activity becomes easier
  • Upload and conduct assessments online
  • Get familiar with futuristic tools and strategies
  • Smooth and consistent mode of access
  • Powerful Classroom Management Tools And User-Friendly Ui – Classplus Makes Teaching Easy


Why choose Classplus to sell online courses effectively?

If you are planning to open an educational centre in your city then getting a good educational app will  help in a smooth running process of the coaching centre. For this, it is important to select the best platform that fits all your requirements.Classplus is that platform which will take care of all your needs regarding your app from the beginning. Here are the exclusive features that are provided by Classplus once you get an app from us-

  • Affordable cost
  • We assign growth managers to help you grow
  • There is no storage limitation for you in your app
  • Technical support throughout
  • Easy access to analytics

Benefits of creating and selling online courses

When you decide to start selling online courses, the first question that pops up in your mind is how beneficial it would be? Let us make it easier for you by discussing the benefits of creating and selling online courses.

  • Best way to earn passive income 

Earning passive income by selling online courses is the best and the most convenient way. These courses have the potential to be sold over the internet without any expiration date. Creating an online course requires one time efforts and the income your generate out of it is never ending.

  • Budget friendly

We live in a customer-centric world. As a teacher/educator, if you wish to sell your courses online, you must be familiar with the fact that competition to sell them online has increased drastically. In that case, getting an app created by a good platform such as Classplus will be beneficial in the longer run. We ensure that the app provided to you is budget-friendly and tailored to your needs.

  • Wider audience reach

When you get your own app it becomes easier for you to connect with a larger audience across the country. Students will have easy access to courses on your app.

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere

Since digitization has evolved drastically, educators can now teach students from the place of their comfort. Just with a laptop or mobile phone and a good internet connection you can connect with your students from anywhere.

  • Minimize the use of paper 

Once you start teaching online you definitely become clutter-free. From the beginning till the end of launching the course and connecting with your students everything is carried out in online mode. If you connect with LMS like Classplus, you will not need any maintenance as everything will be taken care of by the team.


The most cost effective platform for selling courses online is Classplus. Become a national brand by teaching across India through your own platform. With our smart LMS, create an online test in minutes for your students. Build your own LMS portal to increase your revenue and make your digital presence. Grow at a faster pace by changing learning patterns and creating new learning methods to enhance the process of teaching as per the needs of the future generation. Connect with us and transform your online coaching business to generate good income.

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