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5 AI Tools For Image to Text Conversion

Online businesses are integrating with modern technologies to digitize their services. With this booming technology, converting images to text supported  AI has created a significant scope for action in professional and academic fields.

There was a time when people had to scan their documents into huge scanner copiers or printers to hand-scan receipts, ID cards, report cards, and pictures. This process  wasn’t  only time-consuming, but many errors were observed.

Today, free online OCR software has changed the sport of data entry by providing quick and easy solutions for document scanning. OCR software can scan documents and photos to extract text from various image formats . Extracted text are often saved in multiple file formats , making it easy to read and edit.

OCR  isn’t  the newest technology, but its integration online and in mobile applications has made it an innovative solution to  the issues  of daily use. This article introduces some of the best AI-based Image to Text converters for large-scale personal use. Let’s  examine  each tool one by one and find out its features.


The efficiency and productivity of AI-powered tools have swept companies into  the planet  of automation. OCR.Best is an AI product that brings optical character recognition technology to  a web  platform.  the subsequent  features distinguish this tool from others.

Maximum precision

Equipped with advanced technology  supported  artificial intelligence, this tool brings  the foremost  accurate results from any image. It doesn’t matter if the image contains typewriter or handwritten text, this tool will precisely extract the words and letters  within the  correct order without mistakes or misspellings.

Free and secure use

This online tool  doesn’t  have an online database to store a record of your scanned images. All image data is discreetly scanned and deleted when  the work  is complete.  the knowledge  remains on the website only as long as the user accesses it.

There is no limitation of scans for registration or payment.  you’ll  use this tool with confidence when it comes to security and accessibility.

Support for multiple languages ​​and formats

You do not need to convert your image to a specific format before scanning it. This tool supports nine different image file formats, covering the compatibility  of just about  all cameras.

This OCR scanner  isn’t  limited to scanning a specific language.  you’ll  choose a variety of languages ​​on the website.  it’s  recommended to select the language before uploading the image to get accurate results from the image.

2. offers a user-friendly solution for converting your images into text effortlessly. This online tool simplifies the process, allowing you to quickly extract text from various types of visual content.

AI-Powered Accuracy excels in recognizing text and its language within images using the latest AI OCR models. This cutting-edge technology ensures accurate extraction, allowing you to edit, save, and download the text as needed.

Multilingual OCR Tool

This tool supports text extraction and translation in numerous languages, spanning English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, and Swedish.

Text Extraction From All Image Formats

Whether you’re dealing with JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG formats, can effectively extract text from a wide range of image types.

The tool’s capabilities extend to recognizing text in various fonts, including distorted and skewed text commonly found in different styles.

Batch Processing enables you to convert up to 50 images to text simultaneously, streamlining the conversion process and saving you valuable time.

Whether your image is small or large (up to 100MB), this converter maintains accuracy, ensuring consistent results.

3. IMG2txt

This tool is underdeveloped but  may be a  very accurate online image to text converter. IMG2txt is underdeveloped because it runs on URL-based image scanning services. However, it still has the feature of downloading files from your device storage.

Recognition of files and photos

This image to text converter  is that the  perfect tool for scanning digital files and photos to extract text. This tool transforms PDF documents into editable formats by accurately digitizing the text on each page.

It can easily recognize text from various image files like ID cards, school report cards, infographics and postcards. It works with various image file formats under 8MB. In  but  60 seconds, it extracts text from the image.

Extensive selection of languages

There are several image scanners available online that support multiple languages. But this tool breaks regional boundaries by offering  most  dialects of languages ​​spoken in the world.

The language selection feature is crucial because  you would like  to select the language in which you want to scan an image. The language chosen must be  the identical  as that of the image.

4.  Image Text Converter

It does what it says in its name. Image Text converter goes beyond simple text scanning. This tool provides a one-click solution to digitize text from any  sort of  image or source.  you’ll  either upload a file from local storage or Google drive or directly paste the image link.

Extract URL images and math equations

This tool focuses on anything written in  a picture  and presents it as text. It can quickly scan handwritten text  and sophisticated  mathematical equations, which an OCR scanner rarely can.

If  you would like  to scan an image from a website,  you’ll  paste the image URL into the input field. This feature  is beneficial  if you are getting text from an inline image like infographics.

Accurate and free

An image to text converter does not depend on the quality of the image.  whether or not  you scan a low resolution image,  it’ll  quickly scan the text of pixelated or blurry images. Scanning is free, and  you’ll  perform as many scans as you want on multi-page PDF files to extract the text.

Multilingual support

This tool supports various languages ​​like Spanish, Arabic, Italian  and lots of  more.  you’ll  select the desired language from the right panel of the tool according to the type of language shown in the image.

Reliable access

No image or text data is stored  within the  tool database. The scanned text  and therefore the  uploaded image only stay in the tool as long as you work on it in real time.  be happy  to use this tool without worrying about the privacy of your data.

5.  Online-convert

An online converter is a handy tool with a simple interface that provides online, offline and utility-based image to text conversion services.  the subsequent  features make this tool different from others.

Selecting multiple languages ​​at  the identical  time

Many online image-to-text tools offer  a variety  of language options. But Online-converter’s image to text function allows you  to pick  more than one language to scan an image. This feature  is beneficial  if you are unsure of the language used in a document or idea.

Large file support

Some OCR tools  don’t  support images larger than 10MB, which  is sort of  inconvenient in many cases. But with  the web  converter,  you’ll  upload high-resolution images to scan text in seconds. So  you do not  have to resize the image to scan the text.

Built-in support

This tool  is out there  as a desktop application,  an internet  tool, and a browser extension. So whether  you’re  online or offline,  you’ll  always scan your documents for text search without any delay.

6. is an online service offering a free and easy-to-use arsenal for image text recognition. Simply upload an image with text and our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology quickly and accurately converts the text in the image into an editable and searchable document such as a Word or PDF file. The service supports a wide range of image file formats and is ideal for extracting text from scanned documents, receipts and other images.

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