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Top Online Shopping Platforms

Online shopping although didn’t start as early as the other marketing industries, it has quickly made its way up and cemented its place as the best way of shopping, be it in terms of comfort, quality or price. This has been possible due to automation and the use of AI in all the steps of the process has helped a lot when it comes to delivering the products faster at a much cheaper rates. One of the major markets is India, thanks to its immense population and the emergence of online shopping that the economy has been affected drastically. It has shown no signs of slowing down, instead the pace has only been increasing in the recent year. Let’s take a look at the top 10 companies that have been on the top of this surge of online shopping-


This one is pretty obvious, as most of you would have already guessed. This E – commerce giant is always on everybody’s mind and is a go-to place to shop online. The main reasons for this is the fact that the company has a wide variety of products. They have tie ups with almost all the prominent brands that helps you bag the best deals, if you use Amazon India Promo Codes. They have exclusive access to so many products and this gives them a big edge. They have been branching out into almost every products, from groceries to online steaming, Amazon has become an important part of them all.


When it comes to fashion it arguably is the most popular brands compared to Flipkart and Amazon. Myntra is pretty popular thanks to it’s out of the box ads. They have huge diversity of apparels for men, women and kids. They have always kept up with the trend or have been seen a step ahead at many times. They have one of the easiest return policies and they have pretty reliable quality, when it comes to their products. They have one of the vastest selection which is one of its strongest suits. The products are relatively cheap making it the most likable brand.


Althoughbeing a newbie in the industry, they have shown huge growth. They already had a pretty good starting traction, thanks to JIO that has even been usedin the name. They have an immense variety of clothes and accessories. Although having many branches, its main service focus in on clothing. They offer kick ass incentives, like 10 percent of every purchase is credited to your AJIO wallet. The fact that they have strong tie ups with a lot of international brands who are the big players, which helps them bring the best when it comes to clothing. Their motto ‘Doubt is out’ says it all in just three words.


If there is any company that is compared directly to Amazon, it is Flipkart. The company started with books and over the years slowly expanded out, developed its foundation and has taken the place in India’s number one online shopping platform. It has an impressive grip, mainly when it comes to India, their rate of sales is pretty high because of their unbelievable offers; all you need for it, is to get a Flipkart discount coupon code. It even offers benefitsthrough its Flipkart plus membership which offers access to some of the best and elite offers. They have been recently taken over by Walmart which just shows how much of a role they play in the Indian market.


Though it had a pretty slow and stable start but it managed to quickly catch up with the pace and compete with the leaders in online shopping. It has the top class apparel, when it comes to trends and style, they have always managed to stay ahead of the competition. They are one of a selected few who provides the slide color options on almost all the models to help you make a better choice. Its online app is very easy to use and very attractive. It has one of the best customer service and delivery systems that has helped this brand in increasing the customer base.


It’s an Indian based online shopping company founded in Mumbai. It is the perfect place when it comes to baby products, like soaps, creams etc. Their specialty is their ability to deliver area specific products, mostly skin tone products that are best suitable and are extensively tested. It is one of the most trusted online shopping sites mainly amongst women. They have been making constant strides in this field because of their quality and in- depth research in the formulation of their products.That is why it is so trusted. The fact that they keep trying to reach perfection is what makes them stand out from the rest.


These are the most recent among the top giants who have decided to step into the online shopping business. Although their unlucky run in with Snapdeal had slowed down their progress for a bit, but they have managed to bring them back up and are now playing it smart and safe. One of companies’ caviars is the insane speed in their refund process and their extremely low prices. Their unmatched warranties in this business has helped them hold their place; you can never know when they can gun for the top because they surely have the caliber for it.


Last but not the least we have Snapdeal, it had one of the most explosive starts compared to all the other companies but they couldn’t ride the wave all the way and had had a pretty unfortunate fall. Its versatility in products has been one of its best features and currently the company has been showing firm growth. Although they still have a way to go, you can never be sure if they can pounce right back to the top. The Indian market can be pretty unforgiving at times but that just means that if you can stay in the top like the above mentioned companies then the rest of the world would be a piece of cake for them.

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