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iArduino : a C Interpreter for Arduino

The iArduino is an interpreter which runs on Arduino board. Interpreted language is a programming language in which programs are ‘indirectly’ executed (“interpreted”) by an interpreter program.

The iArduino interprets a language which resembles to the Arduino language. It can

  • evaluate an expression refelctively,
  • do stepwise executtion of a program,
  • run a program slowly,
  • stop and resume a program.

N. Mitsunaga posts about iArduino: a C Interpreter for Arduino. Rather than using compiled C/C++ as in the official Arduino IDE, iArduino is interpreted at runtime like Python/CircuitPython but in C.

Summary of the iArduino language and the interpreter

Name of variables: a to z (16bits int aka. short)
Control statements: if, else, for, while, break, continue
Constans: LOW, HIGH, INPUT, OUTPUT, true, false
Operators: +, -, *, /, %, &, |, ^, &&, ||, <, <=, >, >=, ==, !=, >>, <<
Literals: decimal, hexadecimal, binary digit (16bits int only)
Functions: abs, analogRead, analogWrite, delay, digitalRead, digitalWrite, max, 
millis, min, noTone, rand, pinMode, servo?.attach, servo?.write, tone, print

Commands: animate, autorun, debug, edit, list, noauto, prog, run, save, step

iArduino with iAduinoTerminal

There is also a Terminal mode which provides a rich data environment, great for learning.

iArduinoTerminal for Android

This iArduinoTerminal is an apprication for Android. Recommended minimum display resolution is 1280×800. It is tested on Acer ICONIA TAB A200 (Andriod 4.0.3) and Nexus 7 (2013, Android 4.4.2). It should run under Android 3.1 or later. The app uses Physicaloid library by ksksue.

iarduino andriod

See the iArduino site for details and downloads.

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