Mruby an interpreter for the Ruby

mruby is the lightweight implementation of the Ruby language complying to (part of) the ISO standard. mruby can be linked and embedded within your application. The project is headed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, with over 100 contributors currently working on the project. mruby also features a bytecode compiler and virtual machine, as well as the ability to be easily embedded and integrated into C or C++ code, in a similar manner to Lua or Tcl.

mrbgems is mruby’s package manager. See the mrbgems doc for more information about how to use it. mruby sponsored by the Regional Innovation Creation R&D Programs of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

How to get mruby

The stable version 2.0.0 of mruby can be downloaded via the following URL:

The latest development version of mruby can be downloaded via the following URL:

The trunk of the mruby source tree can be checked out with the following command:

$ git clone

You can also install and compile mruby using ruby-install, ruby-build or rvm.

How to compile and install (mruby and gems)

See the doc/guides/ file.

How to customize mruby (mrbgems)

mruby contains a package manager called mrbgems. To create extensions in C and/or Ruby you should create a GEM. For a documentation of how to use mrbgems consult the file doc/guides/ For example code of how to use mrbgems look into the folder examples/mrbgems/.


mruby is released under the MIT License.



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