Azure Sphere Now Supports Linux and Windows for Development

When Microsoft first released Azure Sphere (initial beta), the development tools only supported Windows as the development OS. So you could only using a Windows PC to code, deploy, and debug Azure Sphere solutions.  But Recently, Microsoft released Azure Sphere developer tools for Linux and adding support for Linux OS development machines. Now, you can use either Linux or Windows as the OS for your Sphere development.

Remember, Azure Sphere still runs the custom Azure Sphere OS; which is a custom version of Linux that Microsoft has developed for the platform. The same Sphere OS will be running on the Azure Sphere device regardless of which OS is running on the development machine. So developers running either Windows or Linux on their development PC will be able to build Azure Sphere solutions.

What is Azure Sphere?

Azure Sphere is a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for internet-connected devices. It comprises a secured, connected, crossover microcontroller unit (MCU), a custom high-level Linux-based operating system (OS), and a cloud-based security service that provides continuous, renewable security. know more, visit this :


You need Windows or Linux OS PC.

For a Linux development machine:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Linux sudo permissions on the development machine
  • Installation of the AzureSphere SDK
  • Installation of Visual Studio Code with the AzureSphere Extension

For a Windows development machine:

  • Windows 10
  • One of the following IDEs
  • Either Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio Code with the Sphere Extension installed
  • Installation of the AzureSphere SDK Preview for Windows or Sphere SDK Preview for Visual Studio

Check the official documentation for the latest specification requirements because these requirements are likely to change over time.

Visual Studio Code Extension

Microsoft has released the AzureSphere Extension for Visual Studio Code. This new extension for Visual Studio Code support both Windows and Linux machines for development.

What About macOS ?

The official feedback site lists the item of “Add Mac Support” as the status of “Under Review”. The community has already requested macOS support for developing AzureSphere solutions. I should expect that this is an indication that they are working on adding macOS support for developing Azure Sphere solutions. So Mac Users can use soon.

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