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Best IoT Platforms for building IoT projects

In this post You can find out a list of the Best IoT platforms. Today, Internet of things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing industries. IoT enabled Devices are around us such as Smart watches and wearables, Smart homes and so on. An IoT platform offers several services that simplify the project development and a set of tools to remotely manage devices. Generally speaking, an IoT platform is a multi-layer technology that enables users to manage connected devices.

Below there is a list of  Best IoT platforms in a random order. Some of these platforms have a free account and some have a premium account that enables other interesting features.

Basically An IoT Platform provides these services:

  • Data ingestion
  • Dashboard creation
  • Data transformation
  • Device management
  • Rule management
  • Platform integration
  • Security services

Best IoT Platforms


ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform service that allows you to aggregate, visualize, and analyze live data streams in the cloud. You can send data to ThingSpeak™ from your devices, create instant visualizations of live data, and send alerts using web services like Twitter® and Twilio®. With MATLAB® analytics inside ThingSpeak, you can write and execute MATLAB code to perform preprocessing, visualizations, and analyses. ThingSpeak enables engineers and scientists to prototype and build IoT systems without setting up servers or developing web software.


  • Realtime sensor data visualization
  • Data agregation from 3rd parties providers
  • Schedule IoT analytics tasks to analyze data
  •  Event scheduling
  • Run actions according to data acquired


Kaa is an enterprise-grade IoT platform built on a modern cloud-native architecture and a fully customizable feature set. Based on flexible microservices, Kaa easily adapts to almost any need and application. It scales from a tiny start-up to a massive corporation and supports advanced deployment models for multicloud IoT solutions. But you can also use it to put together a smart thermostat for your living room. As long as it’s IoT, it’s Kaa.


  • Device connectivity
  • Device management
  • Data collection
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Command execution

Adafruit IO is a cloud service – that just means we run it for you and you don’t have to manage it. You can connect to it over the Internet. It’s meant primarily for storing and then retrieving data but it can do a lot more than just that!


  • Display your data in real-time, online
  • Make your project internet-connected: Control motors, read sensor data, and more!
  • Connect projects to web services like Twitter, RSS feeds, weather services, etc.
  • Connect your project to other internet-enabled devices
  • The best part? All of the above is do-able for free with Adafruit IO


AWS IoT (Amazon internet of things) is an Amazon Web Services platform that collects and analyzes data from internet-connected devices and sensors and connects that data to AWS cloud applications.

AWS offers a set of services:

  • Amazon FreeRTOS: This is an OS for microcontrollers that provides some services as connectivity, security, easy programming
  • AWS Greengrass: It is a software that enables to run local computation on edge devices
  • AWS IoT Analytics: It enables us to run sophisticated analytics on gathered data
  • AWS IoT device management: It simplifies the process of device management especially when there are thousands of connected devices
  • AWS IoT Core: It is the core of the AWS IoT and enables connected devices to interact with cloud services easily and securely

Google Cloud IoT

Google Cloud IoT is one of the most interesting enterprise platforms. This IoT platform has a set of tools to manage connected devices and the date at the edge level or in the cloud. The connected device can use cloud Pub/sub to publish the data. Moreover, we can apply BigQuery analysis or we can apply Machine learning on this data. Google Cloud IoT has a reference architecture that describes the role of each component that builds this platform. There are countless possibilities to explore using professional services. This platform has all the services an IoT platform mush have starting from the security aspects.

Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft Azure IoT is another IoT platform. This is a professional platform with several services. It supports bi-directional communication between connected devices and the platform itself using IoT standard protocols. Moreover, it supports device authentication to address all the security aspects. Microsoft Azure IoT simplify the process of IoT project development addressing all the challenges we have to face during this process starting from the security aspects.

IBM Watson IoT

IBM Watson IoT Platform (Connection Service and Analytics Service) is a ready-to-run, pre-integrated SaaS managed service IoT platform with capabilities in connectivity, data management and advanced analytics.


  • Device management: Using this service, it is possible to act remotely on the device such as rebooting or firmware update
  • Responsive, scalability, connectivity: The platform uses industry standard protocol MQTT to exchange data
  • Secure communication: Secure data exchange using MQQT and TLS
  • Data lifecycle management

Artik Cloud

Artik Cloud is an IoT platform developed by Samsung. This platform enables devices to connect each other and connect to cloud services. It has a set of services to rapidly connect devices to the cloud and start gathering data. Moreover, this IoT platform has a set of connectors that can be used to connect to third-party services. Like other platforms, it is possible to store data coming from connected devices and aggregate this information.

thethings.iO is an another IoT platform that lets any kind of companies to deploy scalable and flexible IoT solutions for their customers and connected products.





myDevices Cayenne

Cayenne is the world’s first drag and drop IoT project builder that empowers developers, designers and engineers to quickly prototype and share their connected device projects. Cayenne was designed to help users create Internet of Things prototypes and then bring them to production.

There are several major components in the platform:

  • Cayenne Mobile Apps – Remotely monitor and control your IoT projects from the Android or iOS Apps.
  • Cayenne Online Dashboard – Use customizable widgets to visualize data, set up rules, schedule events and more.


Ubidots technology and engineering stack was developed to deliver a secure, white-glove experience for our users. Device friendly APIs (accessed over HTTP/MQTT/TCP/UDP protocols) provide a simple and secure connection for sending and retrieving data to and from our cloud service in real-time. Ubidots’ time-series backend services are performance optimized for IoT data storage, computation, and retrieval. Our application enablement platform supports interactive, real-time data visualization (widgets), and an IoT App Builder that allows developers to extend the platform with their own HTML/JS code for private customization when desired. Ubidots exists to empower your data from device to visualization.


This platform uses choreos that are connectors toward external services, so that events in Arduino, like sensor signals, can be transformed into different kind of events. Moreover, it provides some logic like IF-THEN. Moreover, Temboo supports M2M applications using MQTT, CoAP, HTTP protocols. The main features provided by Temboo are:

  • Code generation:  This platform generates optimized code for several devices using many different languages such as Java, C/C++, Python and so on
  • Interoperability:  Temboo provides a set of services named choreos that simplify the integration process with other cloud services
  • Data: Temboo stores and visualizes different kinds of data.


The ThingWorx low-code IoT development environment provides you with the flexibility to rapidly connect, create, and deploy comprehensive industrial IoT applications. With pre-built extensions and widgets as well as a large ecosystem of partners, ThingWorx addresses the fundamental IoT development challenges, freeing you up to create solutions that accommodate constantly changing business needs.

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