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Best IoT Apps for Android

The IoT is a network of connected objects that can collect & send data without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This technology is used to monitor & control the mechanical & electronic systems. There are some great IoT applications for Android. If you are looking for some great IoT android applications, then you are in the right place. Because  here, I have listed five best IoT apps for Android that you can consider.

Here Are The Best IoT Apps for Android:

Internet of Things (IoT):

Learn IoT efficiently & quickly with the Internet of Things (IoT) application. There are lots of IoT devices used across the industries. The tutorial of this app provides the critical concept of the Internet of Things. It covers the area of computing and information technologies substantially.

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Home Assistant:

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform that focuses on privacy & local control. It is a popular IoT app on Android. This app lets you control your home anywhere in the world.

You can control all your devices in your home assistant instance. This application only requires access to a Home Assistant instance.

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IoT MQTT Panel:

IoT MQTT Panel is an IoT remote for smart home that based on MQTT protocol. It allows you to manage & visualize IoT projects based on MQTT protocol.

The configurations of this app are straightforward. You can make a DIY smartphone home project in a minute. Besides the MQTT protocol, this also supports the WebSocket protocol that is especially useful for a restricted firewall network.

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IoTool – Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Platform:

IoTool is a multi-awards winning Android application. It provides a dashboard/gateway that allows you to collect data from the internal & wireless sensors. It can automate the tasks such as sensors, triggers, actions & recipes, and works as a gateway to the cloud.

This application is used for SmartCity, SmartCar, Industry 4.0, Home Automation, eHealth, SeniorCare, Education & Research. It is also used for customized mobile crowdsensing applications.

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IoT Handbook:

IoT Handbook is another popular IoT application for Android. This app provides IoT use cases, market trends & reports, IoT blogs, events, videos, news, etc. at your hands. It is a beneficial application for IoT professionals and business owners who want to know how IoT can benefit their business.

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Article Contributed by Arup Samanta.

Arup Samanta is a Tech Blogger from West Bengal, India. He is a founder of Techy Feast. Arup writes about android apps, mobile news, gadget reviews & other technical topics in his blog. 


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