How to perform reverse image search on Mac Devices

perform reverse image search

Have you ever stumbled upon clearly awesome pictures of a brand-new laptop or mobile phone you’re unaware of and you want to study some extra information about it? Or found a thrilling picture and desired to discover greater facts on this? Properly, in such times, reverse image search will let you out.

What is a reverse image search and how does it work?

Reverse images search engines basically use a technology called CBIR (Content-based image retrieval).

The process uses a CBIR engine to recreate the image by the use of mathematical modeling and then it compares that model to other pictures in its database. Once it finds a similar match it’s going to examine photograph metadata among the picture you uploaded and the ones it finds as well.

These engines like google are a unique form of search engines that let you search using pictures instead of using words and this is an easier way of searching. While you input a photo, the hunt engine unearths similar pictures with some more information about that particular photograph. The sad aspect is that many people are actually unaware of these services. Because, in case you understand when and how to use them, reverse photograph search engines like google may be notably powerful.

You can use this technology on almost every device you are using either it is an android or iPhone or MacBook. You can simply use Google images for this purpose but there are a number of websites available that allow users to find images through content-based techniques. You can check out the list below.

Reverse Image Search

A reverse picture search is easier than a word search. Mac, Android, and iPhone users will hardly notice any significant differences. You can find photographs that have been used on other websites by using this image search, which involves a few basic steps. Nothing you do, no matter how clever you are, will get you into trouble.

Here’s how to use this tool to identify photographs that are similar to the one you’ve entered:

To begin, go to a website where you can look for a picture.

You’ll see a search engine appear where you may look up photographs by keyword or URL.

Uploading photos from your smartphone, Dropbox, and Google Drive are all options now.

Searches from Google, Bing, or Yandex can be found by using the search image button.

In just a few seconds, this program can help you locate all of your photographs. To use a reverse search image tool, follow the above mentioned methods.

Search reverse image

While you may think that renowned platforms with immensely large databases can easily help you find your desired image, that’s not true. Visual search algorithms have still not achieved 100% accuracy. Moreover, indexation issues may also lead to the failure of such platforms.

Hence, a better way to perform reverse image search is using an advanced tool capable of synchronously displaying results from various platforms. offers one such platform. Using this tool for reverse image search is pretty easy. Here is how you can do it.

  • Access the Link:
  • Upload or import the reference photo to perform a reverse image search.
  • Press the search button, and the tool will display results from various platforms.


Google reverse image search

The usage of Google reverse image seems very easy as compared to the use of the text engine. It differs barely among laptops, Android, and iPhone.

Follow the given steps to reverse photo search from your laptop.

  • Visit the Google photos homepage.
  • Click that small camera icon showing within the search bar
  • Input the URL wherein the photo is hosted or upload an image.
  • Search through photos and wait for the outcomes.

Google images

This option has become immensely popular in current days and continues to become more superior than ever. There aren’t any picture size or format boundaries on Google which makes it more convenient and easier to apply.


Picsearch has a group of three billion pictures and no wonder it’s one of the first-rate photo search engines like google and yahoo. The image search engine sources images from a large selection of web sites. You can choose from life-style images to inventory photographs. But you will definitely need to have permission to use those images on the platform. However, once, when you recognize which website the pictures come from it will become easy for you to contact the owner for permission.

pic search

Follow the given steps to reverse image search on the mac by using Picsearch

  • Open up the google and search for 
  • And copy URL of the photo and press search key for results
  • It will show all the similar images in seconds


Prepostseo website also provides a tool to help you to reverse image search for a hundred% free. You can use two different methods to search for photos from the internet web. Either you will paste an online picture URL directly or upload a photo. Though it provides multiple options for uploading images such as you can upload. jpg, JPEG, PNG, and GIF extensions.

Use of this tool is simple and you can use this advanced technology on your android, iPhone or mac


All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps


CTRLQ is a Google tool that permits you to upload your photograph onto the platform and discover who else has uploaded your photo. When you upload a photograph, you may click “display matches” to discover different websites along with your image. Then you’ll be directed to Google’s search net page in which you could find your precise picture on different websites.


It lets you add your images without any problem and hosts them on the internet, forever. It calls for no registration or sign-up requirement and you may even hotlink snapshots from your net website online or e-mail messages.

When you upload a picture, this tool will generate the HTML embed code that you could reproduction-paste inner Gmail Mail Merge, HTML Mail, or anywhere else where you wish to upload that photo.

You can upload your computer screenshots, images, GIFs, trademarks, eBay photographs, WhatsApp pictures and more and find out where else that photos exist.

Benefits of using reverse image search

Here are some of the benefits of the using reverse image search:

  • Verifying the supply of an image.
  • With reverse image search engines, you may hint about the unique source of a photo and the way the photograph has modified through the years. It’s far especially powerful for authenticating people profiles, news tales, and snapshots of events.
  • Tracking copyrighted pictures.
  • Photographers and content writers (e.g. Of Infographics) can use reverse photo search to learn the way their content material is used on the internet net. In case you create your very own photographs, this could assist you to hold track of who is using your photographs without attribution.
  • Finding similar snapshots.
  • Reverse image search can help you discover better photographs or options for an image.


Any person whether he’s a professional photographer or he desires to ensure the privacy of his photos can use these tools and take advantage of them. So, it’s almost clear that professional photographers can easily catch the ones who are using their images without crediting them or without taking previous permission.

Meanwhile, these tools are also helpful to test the honor of the internet website, or even everyone can recognize the unique source of the photograph. Even though It does not cost you a single penny and also does not waste your time with the aid of asking you to log in or check-in, simply input the URL of the website and use the capabilities of these tools to discover something via picture.

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