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Neutral & Open-source RT-Thread RTOS Introduces Embedded Developer Certification

Neutral & Open-source RT-Thread RTOS Introduces Embedded Developer Certification.

As a neutral and open source project, we hope to stand up and be an explorer in innovation to launch the certification program at the moment when the demand for embedded software talent in the IoT industry is growing rapidly. ”
— — RT-Thread Team

Our Story:

RT-Thread is an open-source, neutral, and community-based real-time operating system (RTOS). RT-Thread has received strong support and contributions from the community developers and many chips and original equipment manufacturers since 2006.

In recent years, embedded and IoT industry are fast developing, which causes confusion between developers and enterprises to evaluate the software development and practical capabilities of the embedded software developers. We all realized an effective and trusted certification mechanism is required now.

Our Mission:

The RT-Thread Ability Certification (RAC) program referred to the embedded domain, including embedded systems, kernel and components of RT-Thread, and IoT application development. The RAC designed to help developers to learn the way to analyze problems, solve problems, build hands-on skills, and together with the developers to help them build the ability of embedded programming. RT-Thread offers training materials for the certification, Certified developers will receive an official certificate.

RAC released in March 2019 and is held in June and December each year. Thanks to the support of the RT-Thread community developers, who have very active in expressing their strong desire to be the first IoT OS engineers to participate in the RT-Thread certification program. On the other hand, thanks to the strong support of partners and enterprises, such as GREE, ST Microelectronics, China Mobile, SNBC, BEKEN, Fullhan, and so on, that are joining the embedded software talent program. Thanks for all the support, RT-Thread will commit to delivering the technology-based practical and innovative composite talent for the industry through a comprehensive RAC capacity certification system.

Certification Level

  • RCEA:RT-Thread Certified Embedded Associate

RCEA certification certified that you have mastered the basic knowledge on embedded domain and known the principles of RTOS also has the basic embedded development and debugging capabilities, that can apply RT-Thread into the project.

  • RCEP:RT-Thread Certified Embedded Professional (Coming Soon)

RCEA Exam Outlines

* C Language& Data Structure

· Master C language programming.
· Master common data structures such as linear tables, stacks, queues, strings, arrays, generalized tables, trees, diagrams, and files.
· Master the sorting and searching algorithms on various commonly used data structures, and have the analytical ability of the time and spatial complexity of the algorithms.
· For simple application problems, be able to choose the right data structure and design an effective algorithm.

*Cortex M processor core and computer composition

· ARM Cortex M microprocessor architecture, exception and interrupt, low power consumption, OS support features, MPU, error handling.
· Memory of embedded system (hierarchy, classification, performance indicators; on-chip memory, chip-off memory, external storage devices, etc.)
· I/O interface, I/O device, and an external communication interface. (GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART)

*TCP/IP protocol and network programming

· Understand the concepts related to the network architecture and OSI reference model, knowing the layering of TCP/IP protocols, and master the IP address classification, subnet mask, and subnet division.
· Understand DNS, DHCP, ARP protocol, ICMP protocol, understand the PING process.
· Master the UDP/TCP protocol.
· Understand the client/server model and master network socket programming.


· Knowing the differences between RTOS and bare metal, real-time and non-real-time systems, RT-Thread, and other RTOSs.
· Be familiar with RT-Thread versions, licenses, design ideas, and functional features.
· Learn about RT-Thread Nano.
· Learn about RT-Thread simulation learning environments.

*RT-Thread Kernel Principles

· Familiar with the RT-Thread start-up process mechanism.
· Familiar with RT-Thread thread scheduling and management mechanisms.
· Familiarize yourself with the RT-Thread clock management mechanism.
· Familiar with RT-Thread memory management mechanisms.
· Familiar with the RT-Thread interthread synchronization mechanism.
· Familiar with the RT-Thread interthread communication mechanism.

*RT-Thread BSP configuration and usage

· Familiar with the STM32 BSP configuration.
· Familiar with simple sensor-driven developments such as temperature and humidity sensors.

RT-Thread Application Development

· Familiar with the RT-Thread development environment and development process.
· Familiar with RT-Thread device application programming, and easy access to GPIO, SPI, I2C, PWM, UART.
· Familiar with RT-Thread common components and packages, such as FinSH, File System, Lwip.
· Familiar with common debugging methods, such as hardfault, memory overflow, etc.

About RT-Thread:

An open-source embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) born in 2006 that provides developers with a wide range of components and 200+software packages.

Website: https://www.rt-thread.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rt_thread
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RT-Thread-IoT-OS-110395723808463
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDHtIfSYPq4002r27ffqPw

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