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PCB Design Tutorial- Idea sharing platform by PCBWay

PCBWay is a Chinese-based PCB (printed circuit board) prototype, PCB assembly, SMD Stencil and Flexible PCB manufacturer. You can read more about PCBWAY, Please visit this article –
Now is organizing a PCB Design Tutorial contest. It is a platform to share your ideas with a global audience on PCB design tips, software instructions, tutorials, and much more. So, if you have any ideas that you might want to share with the world, then this contest is for you. You can either upload an article describing your PCB tutorial in detail or upload an interactive video on the project.

How to participate in the PCB design tutorial contest?

Very Easy Just visit and follow steps are given below.

  • Select the PCB design tutorial category.
  • Under this, either select the Article or Video option and provide the necessary details regarding your project.
  • Add a cover image for your project.
  • Add the necessary tags related to your project.
  • Now after uploading your post, the PCBWay team will verify your project authenticity. After successful verification, you will receive rewards.

Visit this video :

Rules of Activity

1. Timeline
  • Submission period begins: 25/3/2021
  • Submission period ends: 25/5/2021
  • The above information is in the CHN Time Zone(GMT+8)
2. Content Submission
  • Upload your entries to PCBWay community,
  • select “PCB Design Tutorial” category.
3. Content Recommended
  • Process, experience sharing, knowledge, tips and software tutorial (e.g. Kidcad, Altium,Cadence allegro etc.) that are related to PCB design. Theoretical texts, practical guides, articles/videos for beginners and experienced designers are welcome.
  • Content requirements: 
    • Articles: more than 500 words, has to be accompanied by 2+pictures.
    • Videos: video length has to be at least 3 minutes. Every video you submit must be made within a year. No language restrictions.
4. Notice
  • Entry submission is closed on May 25th 2021.
  • No plagiarism. Only the original content could be approved, or your submission will be suspended on the contest.
5. Rewards for Participating in this Contest
  • Every published work: $50-$100 coupons+500 PCBWay beans

Awards and prizes

You can get $50-$100 coupons and 500 PCBWay beans. Using these beans, you can redeem a gift anytime from the PCBWay official website. Your rewards depends on your performances, you can also win additional prizes, which are listed below.

pcbway rewards

So, Visit and participate in the PCB design tutorial contest to get impressive rewards and prizes.Visit Now –

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