Adafruit 1.3″ Color TFT Bonnet for Raspberry Pi with Joystick Add-on

Adafruit 1.3″ Color TFT Bonnet  is for you If you’d like a compact color display, with buttons and a joystick. This bonnet has 240×240 color pixels in an IPS TFT display controlled over SPI. This display is super small, only about 1.3″ diagonal, but since it is an IPS display, it’s very readable with high contrast and visibility.

The Raspberry Pi ecosystem is extremely versatile, with developers finding endless uses for the popular SBCs. The Adafruit 1.3″ Color TFT Bonnet for RPi. One popular use for the RPi is turning it into a retro games console, which is where something like the Adafruit Color TFT Bonnet comes in.

Using the display is very easy, we have a kernel driver and Python library for the ST7789 chipset. You can set it up as a console output so you can have text and user interface through the Raspberry Pi OS or you draw images, text, whatever you like, using the Python imaging library.  We also have Python code you can use to read the joystick and buttons.

The Adafruit 1.3 ” Color TFT Bonnet costs US$17.50, with Adafruit offering bulk-buy discounts. The unit is out of stock for the time being, but the company will contact prospective buyers when it has produced another batch.

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