openEuler | Huawei Releases openEuler, A CentOS-Based Linux Distro

Recently Huawei has released the source code of openEuler, a CentOS-based Linux distribution. Enterprise edition of openEuler called EulerOS is already available, and now Huawei has released its community edition. However, as many would expect, the source code of openEuler is not available on Github, it’s published on Gitee, a Chinese Github alternative.

When you visit the source code of openEuler Linux distribution, you’ll find two components:

  • Code source – Used to store the source code.
  • Package source – Used to store software packages to build the OS.

In its announcement blogpost, Huawei has specifically recommended two particular packages – iSulad and A-Tune. iSulad is a lightweight gRPC service-based container runtime and is written in C.

Its interfaces are compatible with OCI and will be used for IoT and Cloud infrastructure. A-Tune, on the other hand, is a system software to auto-optimize the system adaptively to multiple scenarios with embedded AI-engine.

openEuler is a Linux distribution based on CentOS

Like EulerOS, openEuler OS is also based on CentOS but is further developed by Huawei Technologies for enterprise applications.

It is tailored for ARM64 architecture servers and Huawei claims to have made changes to boost its performance. You can read more about it at Huawei’s dev blog.


If you want to test, you can download its ISO from Huawei’s official website.  As of now, you won’t find the documentation for it in English – so you will have to wait for it or choose to help them with the documentation.

What are your thoughts about openEuler Linux distribution? Leave a comment down below! Thanks for reading.

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