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Seiko Best 4 Watches

Seiko endears itself to watch enthusiasts due to its sturdy make, sleek design, and approachable range of prices. Despite its cult-favorite status in the watches industry, Seiko has a strong historical and cultural significance, especially in the land of its birth.

Seiko was born during the quartz crisis. The quartz crisis was considered a period when attery-powered quartz watches (more reliable than traditional mechanical watches) were produced more. As a result, the old-school Swiss watch industry had to be put on notice. The crisis resulted in a new era of bold luxury watch designs and the arrival of new brands such as Swatch and Seiko, which approached watches like collectible accessories rather than fine jewelry.

Seiko’s Quartz Astron was released on the Christmas Day of 1969. It touted the world’s first quartz movement watch. For its time, it moved 100 times more accurately than any other watch on earth. The release of this watch made Seiko a big player in the watch industry. Since 1969, Seiko has been a top player in the watch industry.

Here are classic favorite watches from Seiko!

Grand Seiko Masterpiece SBGZ007

The Grand Seiko is still related to Seiko, despite branching off from the main brand in 2016. As a result, Grand Seiko’s most prolific craftspeople lend their time-honored techniques to the limited-edition Seiko Presage models. The catalog for Grand Seiko is divided into Elegance, Masterpiece, Heritage, and Sport lines.

The price range for the Grand Seiko Masterpiece falls from $42,000 – $185,000. This model was released alongside a block of fully hand-engraved platinum case-matched deep blue dial. It is splash-resistant with platinum case material and has a 9R02 Spring Drive manually wound movement.

Seiko Prospex

The Seiko Prospex remains an unassuming, classic watch. Its high quality, durability, and characteristic design have endured repeatedly. With the Seiko Prospex, you have an ergonomic design and ease of movement. In addition, the Seiko Prospex is a robust and stylish tool built for the ideal Seiko diver: strong, sturdy, reliable, single-minded, and strong character. While it may be a product of its time due to the approach in its production, watches were a tool for diving and telling the time.

Fans call the Seiko Prospex the “Turtle” informally for its curvaceous, chelonian shape. It has a 45mm diameter and is known for its high value for the price. Seiko watch prices, after all, are among the best.

Grand Seiko Elegance SBGY007

The Grand Seiko Elegance SBGY007 is time-limited. It is serenity on your wrist with its ice-inspired, pale blue dial. In addition, the watch is splash-resistant, the movement having 9R31 hand-wound mechanical with a 72-hour power reserve. With its home label, Seiko Grand Elegance, you can expect platinum, gold, titanium, or steel cases that house enamel and flicked dials.

Grand Seiko Sport SBGN019

The Grand Seiko Sport can keep up with Rolex’s Professional Models for less money, making it ideal. The line wholly ranges from $3,000-$14,800. The Grand Seiko Sport SBGN019 has a fairly simple and functional design that makes it easy to use and tell the time. Its fixed 24-hour bezel and GMT hand provide a second-time zone reference, which can be handy if you are overseas.

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