5 Recommendations for Maintaining Your Best Watch

Your watch will deal with many adversaries. Scratches, dirt, moisture, and shocks are many possible threats. Sometimes, the watch may still work after prolonged use. The timepiece is more than telling the time. It can be an extension of your personality on how you want to maintain your watch. You should always keep watches of any kind for safekeeping.

The timepiece is made of various materials. Since there are many different parts, watch collectors tend to have different preferences. Some would even mod it to their liking. While modding, it is a must to maintain it. You can follow these five recommendations to keep its pristine condition.

Always Wind Your Watch

Despite modern watches having lubrication to continue winding, they can still dry out. So when the watch is about to stop ticking, you need to wound it. You do not have to do it daily because some models may stop working in the continuous winding. It is okay to wind it monthly or weekly, depending on your model.

After purchasing a watch, they are always adjusted. But if you have a mechanical watch, it is a must to wind it consistently. When the watch is not well winded, it can stop working. You can schedule a specific time just for winding the watch. That way, the movement will stay smooth no matter what day.

Clean Your Watch, But Not With Soap

It is a must that you clean your watch. However, soap is not recommended. All soaps contain chemicals that can rust the inner parts of the watch. It also applies to watches that have high water resistance.

You can use a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt on the surface. And if the cloth is dry, it is also advisable. The watch can only hold so much with its compact design. For easier clean-up, focus first on your straps and case. It is easier to clean them first, unlike the actual parts in the watch.

Trust Your Watchmakers for Better Maintenance

When in doubt, go to your nearest watchmaker. While you can maintain the watch by yourself, the watchmaker may have better tips to continue the lifespan of your watch. In addition, they can service the watch to identify what can be worked on.

Remember, your watch is made of various materials, including your Watch and style Yachtmaster. If one part is not working properly, it can affect the other parts, which stops the watch from functioning. When the watch does have a warranty, do make use of it. There will be watches that the watchmaker cannot replace once the warranty passes.

Avoid Direct Contact With Various Chemicals

Cologne, cosmetics, detergents, and cleaning products are one of many products that watches should avoid. Let the cream or lotion dry out if you are into skincare products. Sometimes the chemicals in these products can affect the tiny mechanical gears. The same applies to long exposure to sunlight. Once the chemicals are exposed enough, they can do irreparable damage to your watch. So as much as possible, limit the exposure to any chemical.

Store Your Watch in Its Original Packaging

Watches are normally packaged in sleek boxes. It is part of the overall experience, especially for luxury watches. The packaging is compact enough so the watch can still work after use. You can store watches in a dedicated watch box if you have the extra budget. Ensure that each watch is stored separately to avoid any scratching. Do not face down your watches when you store them too. It will change the accuracy of your watch when you tell the time.

Wrap up

Watches can take a long time to maintain their good quality. While you can do most of the maintenance, sometimes you need expert advice. On the other hand, having a watch turn into an heirloom can be the best outcome for the watch’s longevity. Your consistent care for the timepiece is great for any watch owner.

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