Zerynth OS : Multithreaded Real-Time OS

Zerynth OS

Zerynth is a platform that simplifies and accelerates the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Zerynth offers developers, system integrators, and businesses a way to enable IoT for their products, rapidly. Zerynth includes various tools, software and hardware units. The entry point to the Zerynth journey is not fixed, it depends on the user’s needs and goals.

The development of IoT projects is a very long journey. Typically an IoT project requires a hardware platform, used as reference for the development of the IoT device. Zerynth can help you in this phase, thanks to the Zerynth Hardware and the Zerynth Powered Devices. Zerynth hardware are Zerynth officially commercialized devices that fully integrate with the Zerynth platform, providing users a seamless IoT development experience. Zerynth Powered Devices are third party hardware units that natively include the Zerynth OS, thus making it ready for being programmed and managed with the Zerynth platform. Zerynth also supports many other boards. A comprehensive list of all the supported boards, sensors, peripherals and libraries can be found here.

Once you have identified your IoT hardware it is time to develop the firmware for your embedded devices. The Zerynth OS (ZOS) is a real-time operating system that runs on a variety of 32 bit microcontrollers allowing for code portability within IoT hardware. It means that if you develop your firmware for Zerynth OS you can easily load it on all the Zerynth supported devices in a few clicks. Zerynth OS includes a Python Virtual Machine that allows developing IoT firmware in Python, or C and Python. For example, you can develop a motor control library in C in order to be meet fast control cycle constraints while developing the cloud connectivity code in Python.

For developing for Zerynth OS and programming your hardware’s firmware, you need to install the Zerynth SDK. The Zerynth SDK is a cross platform toolkit that includes Zerynth Studio, the Zerynth Toolchain and various board programming tools, libraries and drivers.

Zerynth OS is a multithreaded Real-Time OS that provides real hardware independence, allowing code reuse on a wide range of 32-bit microcontrollers, in a very small footprint.

Main features:

  • the first OS tailored for IoT that supports Python and C programming on 32bit microcontrollers
  • multithreaded preemptive priority aware Real-Time OS 
  • tiny footprint:  low Flash and RAM requirements
  • Massive code reuse thanks to almost complete hardware independence
  • Python high-level features optimized for embedded usage together with low-level C integration for bare metal performances
  • Optimized stacks for multiple connectivity protocols
  • Highly Customizable for your IoT solutions


For more information : https://www.zerynth.com/zos/


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