Get yourself registered for an Employment Card

Get yourself registered for an Employment Card

Get yourself registered for an Employment Card

An Employment Card is a card provided by state or central Governments enabling them to have an idea of the number of employed and unemployed people in their state. However, more than being used for statistical purposes, it is useful for unemployed individuals looking to find jobs.

The Employment Exchange is an organization providing employment-related assistance to the people. Many states allow youth to pre-register so that on completion of their education, they easily find employment. Career guidance and vocational counselling are provided by the agency for people who are unsure about the type of job or the sector they want to work in.

By registering for an employment card, individuals are immediately notified about the different job vacancies that turn up. Furthermore, employers are better able to pick and select candidates matching their requirements. This is why registering oneself with the Employment Exchange and getting an employment card before you enter the workforce is a good idea.

The purpose of this organisation is two-fold. It enables job seekers to find suitable jobs while simultaneously providing the industry and employers with sufficient options for manpower. The Employment Exchange provides a platform for three things
● Individuals seeking to engage employees
● Individuals looking for employment
● Vacancies where people seeking jobs can be appointed

By being the nucleus of all employment market information, job seekers are immediately notified when a vacancy that matches their skill shows up. In many cases, this information is used by states to provide an allowance to specific categories of people in the event of constant unemployment.

How does the process of registering work?

For candidates to get their name in the Employment Exchange register, they should register themselves at the Employment Exchange that is closest to their residence. They can also choose to head over to the State Employment Exchange website and check the required documentation needed to be attached to the registration form. Many states moved the registration process online so this option can be chosen where available.

However, if it is not available, applicants will need to visit the Employment Exchange with the required original documents and will need to fill the registration form. After the form is filled properly, it will be checked an Official Clerk to ensure that there are no errors. This will complete the process.

What documents do you need to carry?

When going to the Employment Exchange, applicants should carry the original as well as attested copies of the documents listed on the website. These include proof of age and residency, educational certificates, experience certificates, three self-attested recent photographs and a caste certificate (if needed).

It is not mandatory to enrol oneself with the Employment Exchange to take up a government job in India since companies usually have a different hiring process nowadays however, the benefits and privileges are aplenty so it is worth doing it.

People should keep their names listed if they are unemployed and should update their qualifications if they wish to look for a better job than the one they’re at.
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