How Does Bluetooth Beacon Work?


The wonders of technology have made us so relaxed now. Well, the Bluetooth beacon is one of the latest and most incredible inventions. It basically is a tiny wireless device that works on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE Beacon). It is very similar to the lighthouse that continuously transmits signals that other devices can see.

At short intervals, it sends a piece of defined information in the form of radio signals. Information may contain alphabets, letters, digits, etc. BLE Beacons usually consume less power and have longer battery life. And that is the reason they are called “Low energy.”

It works on a short-range radius and does not require an internet connection to give results. Any smartphone within its range can get connected with Bluetooth Beacon and can get the advantage of it.

Is Bluetooth Beacon Worthy?

YES! It is widely used in many sectors and stations; for instance, you have reached a new country’s bus station and have difficulty understanding their language. And you are stuck in that place. Wouldn’t it be a blessing for you if the bus station’s owner introduced BLE Beacon’s feature there? It will not only show you a current map and also will guide you to reach your destination.

The common places where you can bring BLE Beacon in your use are:

  • Plays a vital role in monitoring light, humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, motion, and air quality.
  • Apprehend your work area inhabitants with room-level monitoring.
  • Assemble a more uncontroversial workplace.
  • Handle visitors’ flow their tracking, security, and observation.
  • Enhance orientation inside your organization.

Working And Functionality Of Bluetooth Beacon:

Each of these small devices contains a battery, radio, and CPU and functions by constantly broadcasting an identifier. Your device picks up the identifier, often your smartphone, and keeps out an influential place in your environment.

Your mobile identifies a Unique ID number as the identifier. As soon as they connect, the beacon carries out whatever operation it has been programmed to function.

You might be familiar with the range of Bluetooth classics; 2.400 to 2.4835 GHz. The same is used by the BLE beacon but with other channels. Having a radius of about 100m, Bluetooth Beacon is used in short ranged distances and does the required task within its circle.

Battery life of them is based on the range they carry. A higher battery will be consumed if they have a high range.

BLE Beacons are genuinely fitted in the walls or the pillars of halls; today’s smartphones have a 4.0 Bluetooth protocol. But it is expected to rise in the future, and then they can enjoy many latest features of Bluetooth beacons like place finding tracking, etc.

Protocols Of Bluetooth beacon communication:

The 2 protocols of Bluetooth beacon communication are Eddystone and iBeacon.

  • Eddystone Protocol:

The Eddystone Protocol is a BLE convention that was delivered in 2015 by Google. An open convention is open-source and cross-stage, supporting Android and iOS. Not at all, like iBeacon, Eddystone just backings one principal fundamental connection— the “Eddystone revelation,” which is a comparative idea to iBeacon’s running. This connection is held inside 3 unique information parcel types — the Eddystone URL, Eddystone UID, and Eddystone TLM.

The Eddystone UID is an information bundle that can set off pop-up messages or application activity. Interestingly, the Eddystone URL sends a genuine URL. The information is basic, and you needn’t bother with an application to work.

In conclusion, Eddystone TLM is utilized to oversee reference points and incorporates data, for example, battery and voltage, signal temperature, number of bundles sent, and guide uptime. TLM is sent close by the other 2 bundle types and goes about as meta-information about the reference point.

  • iBeacaon:

iBeacon is the other BLE protocol, introduced in 2013. It is widely accepted by many devices, such as tablets and mobiles, etc. This technology also uses low energy to track the devices nearby. It is very much likely edyy stone, but its specs vary at some points.

How Bluetooth Beacons Evolved Businesses?

If you are a business person or involved in marketing, you must hold the line and read this.

  • Advanced-Data Gathering:

Just like wifi and GPS, Bluetooth Beacon is an advanced technology that perfectly provides you with the information you require. It gives accurate details about your customers and where they are moving into your building. This helps improve your in-store layout and will also play a good role in improving your roles.

  • Customers’ Experience And Benefits:

BLE Beacon also helps its users to develop their interest in your property. It has this “personalized interaction” feature where you can improve your experience. They will build their trust in your brand after getting online and offline ads regarding their choices. And that will directly boost your reach and engagement.

  • Effortless Delivery Of Offers To Customers:

With the help of BLE Beacons, sensitive and comprehended information about the customers can be sent and received in just a while. You won’t finish up warnings to your clients when you need to pick the most generous offers, which is how reference points are changed into a pattern that you will find in the web-based business. The actual markdown coupons you convey to our clients vanish, and your center around customized offers can be tracked down at key places in the city. That’s how important offers can be effortlessly delivered.

The Future Of Bluetooth Beacon:

Nations like China, India, and Korea have announced a significant development in the guide market. Likewise, the developing coordinated retail area has prompted the development of shopping centers and general stores in the district, further powering the interest in the reference point market. Explore areas have likewise detailed a development popular for the market. Some drive-through eateries in the area have additionally revealed the rising use of reference point innovation for supplanting servers and staff and smoothing out the effectiveness in cafés.

Winding Up:

Bluetooth Beacon is an up-to-date interaction with the environment that doesn’t require any installment or wired system. It has become a great tool for marketers to boost and improve their sales and engagement in many ways. It lets you understand your customers, their needs, and their requirements. If you want a professional Bluetooth beacon setup, go for a trusted and expert service provider.

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