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We have an update about LoRa-E5. If you are thinking of working on a project with a Lora-E5, then this is your good news! LoRa-E5 has received much welcome fanfare from the IoT community. So long-awaited Lora-E5 is back on Seeed with a sponsorship program. So let us tell you about the Lora-E5 and Seeed’s sponsorship program. According to sponsorship, get sponsored $250 off when you have your LoRa-E5 design manufactured with Seeed Fusion PCB assembly service! Most of the designs are able to get the LoRa-E5 custom boards totally for FREE!

What is LoRa-E5?

LoRa-E5 is a low-cost, ultra-low power, extremely compact, and high-performance LoRaWAN module designed by Seeed Technology Co., Ltd. LoRa-E5 is the perfect candidate for new smart IoT projects. By enhancing the capabilities of LoRa technology, LoRa-E5 is suitable for LoRaWAN sensor nodes and other wireless communication applications, particularly long-distance, ultra-low-power applications. It can play an important role in providing smart and efficient networks in the future. For example, in smart cities, industrial applications, smart home applications, healthcare, agriculture, etc.

LoRa-E5 contains ST system-level package chip STM32WLE5JC, which is the world’s first SoC integrated with the combo of LoRa RF and MCU chip. This module is also embedded with ARM Cortex M4 ultra-low-power MCU and LoRa SX126X and therefore supports (G)FSK mode and LoRa. 62.5kHz, 125kHz, 250kHz, and 500kHz bandwidth can be used in LoRa® mode, making it suitable for the design of various IoT nodes, supporting EU868 and US915 with CE and FCC. The module has the LoRaWAN protocol embedded which can be controlled by AT commands. Or you can develop software with STM32Cube for the MCU of the module which allows you to also use the I/Os.

This LoRa E5 module is designed with industrial standards by Seeed, hence it’s highly suitable to be used in designing industrial IoT product, with a wide working temperature at -40℃ ~ 85℃

Features of LoRa-E5:

  1. SoC: STMicro STM32WLE5JC Arm Cortex-M4 MCU @ 48 MHz with 256 KB flash memory, 64 KB SRAM, SX126x LoRa radio
  2. Ultra-low Power Consumption: as low as 2.1uA sleep current (WOR mode)
  3. Extremely Compacted Size: 12mm * 12mm * 2.5mm 28 pins SMT
  4. High Performance: [email protected]/915MHz; -136.5dBm sensitivity for SF12 with 125KHz BW
  5. Long Distance Use: 158dB link budget
  6. Wireless Connectivity: Embedded LoRaWAN® protocol, AT command, support global LoRaWAN® frequency plan
  7. Worldwide Compatibility: wide frequency range; EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/KR920/IN865
  8. Great Flexibility: For users who want to develop software on the MCU of the module, other GPIOs of the MCU can be easily manipulated, including UART, I2C, ADC, SPIO etc. These rich GPIO interfaces are useful for users who need to expand peripherals.
  9. Certifications: FCC and CE
  10. Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 85°C


For more details about LoRa-E5, please click and learn more.

LoRa-E5 Project Sponsorship

Get your LoRa-E5 project manufactured for FREE with Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service
Now, get sponsored $250 off when you have your LoRa-E5 design manufactured with
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You can apply easily! Just fill in the form below and tell us about your design to apply.

For the individuals who have effectively applied for sponsorship, please let us know when your design is complete, and Seeed will send a $250 coupon to your account.

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LoRa-E5 Batch Production Sponsorship

Seeed are committed to providing a platform where designers can realize their IoT designs with convenient, low-cost, high-quality and high-yield production. With a fresh batch of modules in stock, there is no need to worry about mass production shortages.

Free PCBA Prototyping for Business Users

To further relieve the burden on rising start-ups and small businesses and To encourage more designers to wield the power of LoRa technology, especially in such challenging times, Seeed Fusion is now offering support tailored to enterprise users. Get prototyping costs refunded when your product elevates to batch production (100 pieces or above) with Seeed Fusion. And not just one prototyping cycle – as many as it takes (up to 6% the batch order value).

Seeed can also guide you on selling your product on the Seeed Marketplace and promote your product on Seeed’s social media channels and newsletters, granting exposure to over 100,000 like-minded users and potential buyers. Along with that Seeed will provide one to one technical service and support for customers who are committing to mass produce their designs. This includes support from them to solve user production and design problems on time.

About Seeed

Since 2008, Seeed Studio® has always been committed to providing developers around the world with faster and higher-quality manufacturing services. Seeed’s mission is to make hardware more accessible and lower the boundaries of hardware innovation. From free Design for Assembly service, to free functional testing for one piece, Seeed Fusion focuses on providing customers with fast and high-quality one-stop prototyping and batch manufacturing services.

Explore & Learn

Would you like to learn more about the application scenarios of LoRa technologies? I found some really amazing projects on Seeed’s website. Please check out the following real-world use cases of Seeed Industrial-grade LoRa devices – the SenseCAP LoRaWAN series.

I hope, it will be helpful for your knowledge. If you are engaged in wireless applications, or other smart IoT projects that utilize the LoRa-E5, then don’t miss this opportunity! Apply for sponsorship for your LoRa-E5 project today with Seeed Fusion PCB fabrication and assembly service.

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