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Seeed Fusion Gallery – Where Ideas and Projects Come Together

Today we will discuss “Seeed Fusion Gallery”.  We have already discussed many of Seeed’s services and products. You can explore it from the search box of the blog. Seeed Technology, also known as Seeed Studio, is a pioneering IoT technology firm that focuses on the research, production, and sales of hardware for edge computing, network communication, and smart sensing applications. Seeed Fusion is a one-stop platform attached to Seeed Studio, providing customized services from design to production and promotion that cater to your specific needs.

What is Seeed Fusion Gallery?

Fusion Gallery

is a collaborative platform where designers can share their ideas and projects, showcasing exceptional designs utilizing Seeed’s products and services to inspire others. Seeed’s open-source community provides free opportunities for everyone to display their creativity. Through collaboration, we strive to create an innovative and inspirational space for all.

Benefits of Fusion Gallery

Potential Marketing Chances:

  Active participation in Seeed Studio’s online and offline communities, including LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Discord, GitHub, and Hackster. Engaging with these platforms fosters connections, knowledge sharing, and support among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

One-click Order: If you find something that interests you, you can purchase it right away! Seeed’s seamless shopping experience ensures you can quickly and easily buy the products you need. With just a few clicks, you can add items to your cart and complete your purchase in no time.

No-cost Attempts: You can upload your unique project here to test the water and receive feedback. It is very useful and beneficial if you are a Designer or Electronics Enthusiast.

In Simple Way – It is the perfect place for your project showcasing! 

How to upload your project?

As we already know, we can upload projects in Fusion Gallery. Now let us understand what will be the process of uploading projects.

Option 1 – If you have previously placed PCB/PCBA orders with Seeed Fusion, So you are already a registered user. Please follow these instructions:

How to upload your project

Click here to upload your projects

Option 2 –

If not, please send the project details to this email: fusion@seeed.io.

To help us process and evaluate your project more efficiently, please provide the following information: project name, a brief introduction, photos, areas of application, and any other relevant details.

Quick Look for Pilot Projects!

Let’s discuss two temperature sensing pilot products on Fusion Gallery.

1. 6 Channel Temperature Meter

6 Channel Temperature Meter

A temperature meter project using 6 NTC thermistors and an OLED screen will display readings from various temperature sensors simultaneously, all controlled by the XIAO SAMD21.

This project opens up a world of possibilities with multi-point temperature monitoring. It’s more than just a meter; it’s a practical tool that simplifies temperature management tasks and offers valuable insights into your environment.

2. XIAO Temperature Monitoring Smart Coaster


This smart coaster can monitor your beverage’s temperature in real-time and alert you when it reaches a drinkable level.

Goku utilized the Infrared Temperature Sensor GY-906 MLX90614 to measure the temperature, with results displayed on a small OLED screen. The entire system is controlled by the XIAO SAMD21. Most components of this project were made using 3D printing technology.

For all the projects featured on Fusion Gallery, we encourage you to participate in Fusion’s Co-Create Program!

Co-Create With Seeed Fusion

The expedited route to materialize your idea and put it in the hands of consumers is licensing. When you license your product, you authorize the licensee, such as Seeed Studio, to oversee the complete manufacturing, advertising, order fulfillment, and delivery processes, while earning a profit on every product sold.

Seeed Fusion transforms your innovative ideas into products and solutions across different industries. Leveraging a comprehensive array of open-source modules and high-quality industrial devices, along with expertise in product design, production experience, and extensive resources in global communities and marketing.

You can leverage Seeed’s capabilities in PrototypeProduce, and Promote, ranging from custom design, manufacturing to selling, covering the full product lifecycle from idea to delivery and iteration!

Turn your ideas into real products and receive royalties!

Seeed community consists of developers and hobbyists using platforms including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NVIDIA Jetson, and Seeed products such as Seeed Grove modules, XIAO series, Wio-E5, BeagleBoardGreen, ODYSSEY X86, etc. in fields ranging from IoT, AI, machine learning, smart homes, industry and agriculture, environmental sensing, electronics education and more.

Apply Now

Few months ago, We already discussed the Co-Create Program. Please explore this article.

More Co-Create Featured Projects Successfully Launched and Now Available on Shelves!  Find out more on this page!

Reference- https://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2024/05/29/fusion-gallery/ by Estella Tang

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