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Best Artificial Intelligence Tools Check for Plagiarism in 2022

Original ideas and words empower the quality of content to make it stand out among the competitors.

Numerous websites probably work in the same niche as yours, which raises the chances of writing plagiarized information in your content.

Some writers believe it is only essential to maintain plagiarism-free content online.

But whether offline or online, plagiarism is not an appreciable act and is considered nearly an act of crime or theft.

In the academic line, you can face failure in coursework. As for online platforms, you may lose your site’s ranking in SERPs.

But one issue remains for web admins and writers: how can they check plagiarism without manually comparing each webpage’s content?

The answer is simple, and you can use an online plagiarism checker.

Technology has prevailed to bring innovative solutions with the help of automation covered by Artificial Intelligence.

This article will discuss the best artificial intelligence tools to check for plagiarism in 2022.

We will also discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence in empowering plagiarism checkers and making them highly accurate.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work for Plagiarism Checking?

An AI-powered plagiarism checker uses advanced algorithms trained to find similarities between your text and existing text.

The plagiarism checker crawlers run through different websites to look for similar content.

Besides the plain text, these web crawlers also match the original text with the work database to find a similar set of phrases used in a sentence.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing have collaborated to check even the paraphrased content from billions of web pages.

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools to Check Plagiarism

Here we have presented the best AI-based plagiarism checker we have tested and approved to fulfill the requirements of web content writers, bloggers, academic writers, and students.

Each of these tools has its specific features, functionalities, and usage limitations which are discussed below:

This online plagiarism checker offers a range of unique options for free with an extensive word count limit.

The check-plagiarism.com allows up to 2000 words per check for free with a detailed plagiarism report that integrates each duplicated sentence.

The AI technology is efficient in checking plagiarism from multiple files by uploading them all at the same time.


The interface also includes a filter to ignore any URL featured in the content. It’s a helpful feature if you have provided a reference to the source as a link to avoid copyright infringement.

This tool is 100% safe and secure, and there is no option to save reports online, nor does it save plagiarism checking history.

You only need to sign up if you want to avail of its monthly or yearly plans with an increased word limit and faster user experience.

  • Plagramme

This website is another useful online platform that works suitably well for students and academic writers.

The algorithms and technology used behind this tool are efficient enough to support up to 129 different languages.

Plagramme.com highlights the duplicated text, paraphrased text, and incorrect citations. The reporting section provides a percentage ratio to understand the plagiarism risk score.


To access the previously scanned documents, you can access the reports section, which allows you to download reports anytime.

However, if you want plagiarism checking and editing services, you may have to sign up and avail of a payment plan.

  • Plagiarism checker by Paraphraser.io

The name of this online platform suggests it is a paraphrasing tool. But it provides an exceptionally good plagiarism checking service under a free usage without the registration condition.

Paraphraser.io is powered by well-supervised AI algorithms that let us check 1000 words for free and present results within seconds.

Plagiarism checker by Paraphraser.io

The plagiarism report defines each plagiarized sentence and highlights it from the unique sections.

At the end of the report, it states all the sources with similar content to your plagiarized sentences.

Each source features the percentage of similarity next to its source to define the extent of plagiarism.

This tool allows us to upgrade as a pro to support up to 5000 words per check. Moreover, you get other services to assist you in writing and creating unique content.

  • ProWritingAid

If you’re looking for a handy tool that performs as an extension anywhere on the web, then go for prowritingaid.com.

It works best with designated plagiarism checking for creative writing, marketing copywriting, and academic writing.


It’s a very easy-to-use program that integrates well with your web editors like Google Docs and MS Word.

Convenient enough, this tool provides a complete proofreading service with its integrated grammar checker.

It’s a complete toolkit that helps you to become an expert writer. But it does not offer free usage, so you may have to pay at least $20 to avail of its services, which is quite expensive for an online plagiarism checker.

  • Plagiarism Checker by Rephrase.info

This online tool is appreciated and used by numerous students, educators, and SEO experts.

The rephrase.info online plagiarism checker has the easiest-to-use interface with a free duplication-checking and reporting service.

Plagiarism Checker by Rephrase.info

Under free usage, it supports 1000 words per check without login or signup.

As a free plagiarism checker, it provides results fairly quickly with a detailed report on unique and plagiarized content.

The well-developed AI algorithms allow this tool to support plagiarism checking in three different languages.

This AI-based tool compares your content from millions of published documents like blog posts, e-papers, social media posts, journals, and research papers.


Artificial intelligence has dominated the technology to act, think, and perform at human-level accuracy. This technology has made our life easier by assisting us with great precision and speed.

If we try to check plagiarism manually by comparing each source, publication, and e-book online, then it might take days. Still, the chances are accuracy in manual checking would be lower than in automated checking.

Whereas if we check plagiarism using online tools, the efforts of days can become a matter of seconds. The AI works incredibly well to check and identify each sentence from billions of web pages manually. Plus, they generate descriptive reports for easy comparison and understanding.

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