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GitHub Pages – Websites for you and your projects

What is GitHub Pages?

GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service designed to host your personal, organization, or project pages directly from a GitHub repository.

You can create and publish GitHub Pages sites online using the Jekyll Theme Chooser. Or if you prefer to work locally, you can use GitHub Desktop or the command line. GitHub Pages sites using domains are served over HTTPS.

GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service and doesn’t support server-side code such as, PHP, Ruby, or Python.

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Usage limits

GitHubPages sites are subject to the following usage limits:

  • GitHubPages source repositories have a recommended limit of 1GB .
  • Published GitHubPages sites may be no larger than 1 GB.
  • GitHubPages sites have a soft bandwidth limit of 100GB per month.
  • GitHubPages sites have a soft limit of 10 builds per hour.

If your site exceeds these usage quotas, we may not be able to serve your site, or you may receive a polite email from GitHub Support or GitHub Premium Support suggesting strategies for reducing your site’s impact on our servers, including putting a third-party content distribution network (CDN) in front of your site, making use of other GitHub features, such as releases, or moving to a different hosting service that might better fit your needs.

GitHubPages is not intended for or allowed to be used as a free web hosting service to run your online business, e-commerce site, or any other website that is primarily directed at either facilitating commercial transactions or providing commercial software as a service (SaaS).

Additionally, GitHubPages sites must refrain from:

  • Content or activity that is illegal or otherwise prohibited by GitHub Terms of Service or Community Guidelines
  • Violent or threatening content or activity
  • Excessive automated bulk activity (for example, spamming)
  • Activity that compromises GitHub users or GitHub services
  • Get-rich-quick schemes
  • Sexually obscene content
  • Content that misrepresents your identity or site purpose

How to Create GitHub Pages?

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