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MQTT Public Brokers List

This page is an effort to list the publically-accessible MQTT public brokers, often useful for testing and prototyping.

Note: none of these test mqtt public brokers carry any guarantee of service. Be sensible when using them and don’t break things for others! 🙂

MQTT Public Brokers

field value
address mqtt.flespi.io
port 1883 (TCP), 80 (WebSocket), 8883 (SSL), 443 (Secure WebSockets)
type flespi
info requires signup/username, information page, REST API, MQTT 5.0 compliant

field value
address iot.eclipse.org
port 1883, 80 (WebSockets), 443(WebSockets+SSL)
type mosquitto
info web page, Xively statistics, topics and HTTP bridge

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field value
address test.mosquitto.org
port 1883, 8883 (SSL), 8884 (SSL), 80 (WebSockets)
type mosquitto
info web page, Xively statistics, topics and HTTP bridge

field value
address broker.hivemq.com
port 1883, 8000 (WebSockets)
type HiveMQ
info information page, stastistics and dashboard

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field value
address www.cloudmqtt.com (Note: actual host varies, see dashboard)
port 18443, 28443 (SSL)
type mosquitto
info requires signup/username and password, pricing (free plan available), documentation

field value
address mqtt.dioty.co
port 1883 (MQTT), 8883 (MQTT+SSL), 8080 (WebSockets), 8880 (WebSockets+SSL)
type mosca
info Free – requires signup/username and password, documentation, includes mobile IoT app (iOS and Android)

field value
address mqtt.swifitch.cz
port 1883 (MQTT)
type mosquitto
info Free, it is mostly running for Swifitch project, but you can use it too for testing your IoT or whatever ;), it is running on Raspberry Pi profesional VPS.

field value
address broker.bevywise.com
port 1883 (TCP), 8443 (WebSockets)
type Bevywise
info web page. Secure. Need to sign up to view your devices. Use MQTT Authentication in your devices to connect securely. Free trial with unsecure ports (see https://devicemanager.bevywise.com/help)

field value
address mqtt.fluux.io
port 1883 (TCP), 8883 (TLS)
type ejabberd
info Free – no registration required, MQTT 5.0 compliant

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field value
address console.solace.cloud (MQTT hostname varies, see dashboard)
port TCP, TLS, WS, WSS: varies per instance
type solace
info requires sign-up, free plan available (50 connections), getting started, docs

field value
address node02.myqtthub.com
port 1883 (TCP), 8883 (SSL), 443 (Web, REST and API interface)
type MyQtthub
info requires signup/username, information page, REST API

These MQTT public brokers are useful only for testing and prototyping. If you used for your project please read this article. How To Create Secure MQTT Broker

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